Last Year’s Heroes – This Year’s Unemployed

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  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The hospitals are shutting down services rather than employ unvaccinated nurses. And like she said, they didn’t mind that they are unvaccinated before there was a vaccine. How about at least let them take an antibody test to prove they are immune.

  2. Greg W Smith says:

    This is what happens when fear takes over common sense.

    • Richard says:

      really how bad can a vaccine be? Millions if not billions of lives have been saved by vaccines

      • Timo, Not That One says:

        This isn’t a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy.
        It does not prevent catching covid, it does not prevent the vaccinated from infecting other vaccinated people , and it does not prevent illness or death.
        What it does do is tell the government who is compliant and who is not. It is in fact a Communist/Fascist membership card. If you don’t belong to the “Party” you will not be allowed to participate in society.
        If that does not make everybody join the Party, it may become necessary to move those people to camps where they will “work”, safely separate from the “good” people.

      • arn says:

        To answer your question.
        Watch the project veritas video below that Tony posted recently (though your question is rhetoric)

        A vaccine takes at least 3-5 years for approval.
        This vaccine is against scientific standards(agw all over again )
        against pre covid laws
        and against common sense.

        But you have missed the point here:It is about forcing people to take something they don’t want and don’t need as their system is already immune to covid as result of their job.

        This vaccine is so good that the mortality of 65 year old people in Israel is ever increasing since February though 90 % of them are vaccinated.

      • GummansGubbe says:

        According to Steve Kirsch, Executive director, COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, FDA:

        If the vaccines are 100% effective, for each life saved by the vaccine two dies of heart attack. And 2:1 is from VAERS. A Pfizer 6 month and nursing home booster study has 5-6 deaths per life saved.

        A polio vaccine used in India left 496,000 children paralyzed from the vaccine. I know that “independent fact checkers” try to discredit this claim but the Indians has proven it beyond doubt. The relevant publications have been written and published. I don’t think Gates would ever try to go there.

        A lot of vaccines are good, but we are not talking about them now.

      • Scott says:


        “really how bad can a vaccine be?’

        Well I guess you could have asked the 140 people who were fully vaccinated in Israel who died last week from Covid.

      • Maek says:

        Richard, According to the VAERS data base it has more adverse outcome in the last two years than all the other vaccines combined for at lest the last ten years. It can be bad, the shut down the swine flu vaccine in the 1970 when the adverse reactions were only a small percentage of what these vaccine have. Its bad! Even worse they do not allow using known good therapeutics for this virus. What going on is criminal.

      • Rudy Yakym, Jr. says:

        And how many people have suffered incalculable harm because of the vaccine? We will never know because the HHS does not require the reporting of adverse reactions and consequences. I know of three people who have suffered significantly as a result of the vaccine.

      • James says:

        With all due respect, do some research, it’s not a vaccine.

      • will FORD says:

        AND 70% of the vaccinated in ISRAEL COME DOWN WITH COVID and have to be hospitalized STOP believing msm… daaaad, BAAAA? NOT FOR ME

      • stef says:

        There are vaccines and there are “vaccines”. Read the real science reports.

      • mddwave says:

        This calculation shows the death risk/benefit analysis for the EUA “Vaccine” that was really good.

        Number needed to vaccinate is 142 for Pfizer. (Moderna is 88 but I’ll use Pfizer for the demonstration).
        So with Pfizer you need to vaccinate 117 people to prevent one CASE of covid. The current survival rate of covid is 99.86%, so approximately 1 death per thousand cases. So the NNV to prevent one covid DEATH is 117,000.
        In the first 6 months of 2021, 134 million people were fully vaccinated in the US. VAERS listed 10,335 vaccine related deaths by that point, about 56 per day. Vaers has been proven to be underreported but let’s use it as a very rough conservative estimate.
        So the 134 million / 10355 = 12,940 … one death per 12940 covid vaccinations.
        So if you vaccinate 117,000 people to save one covid death, 117,000/12940 = 9.04 people will have died from the vaccine.
        This is likely on the low end and also doesn’t include all the non-mortality vaccine side effects. It also doesn’t include the non mortality effects of covid either.

      • Gerald Machnee says:

        Only a “minor” problem, but over 12,000 have died in the USA from the “vaccine” and over 25,000 in Europe.
        Only 400,000+ have been seriously injured by the “vaccine” in the USA.
        No problem??

  3. arn says:

    The most usefull of all idiots are always the first to get the boot(or worse )
    once the main goal of the scheme has been achieved
    and the subjugation starts.

    There’s no room for hoenesty and integrity in a fake system.
    Either you are with the party or you are the enemy.

  4. rah says:

    My daughter-in-law is an ICU nurse at the IU hospital in Indianapolis. She took the jabs to keep her job. She is now working double and triple shifts because so many quit ir were fired instead of taking the jabs. Makes $1,800 a day when she works a triple shift.

    She estimates that 20 percent of the Covid cases in the ICU were fully vaccinated. Only 3 patients on ventilators.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Yeah, but she can’t do this forever. At some point she’ll say enough and they’ll have one less nurse. They need to back off their fascistic absolutism.

      • rah says:

        They aren’t forcing her into that OT. She can work as many OT hours as she wants but is only required to work her regular shift. Your right though, the burnout will come if she keeps it up. Think of the experience, and expertise lost when all those health care providers left. And there was already a nurse shortage long before Covid.

        • GreyGeek says:

          There is more to consider than just her “burnout”. About 20 hours into a “triple shift” her mental accumene drops considerable due to fatigue and exhaustian.
          Would you want your pilot to fly a “triple shift”? Or your cab driver? Or your doctor?

    • will FORD says:

      She cant make $112. per hour. You are blowing a little smoke

      • will FORD says:

        TRIPLE shift is 24 hours a day. SHE would be a ZOMBIE, I HAVE worked 18-20-24 hours YA CANT DO IT more than few days. I worked 7-12’s & 16’s for a year. IT TOOK forever to get over it.

        • Robert L. Gipson says:

          Personal experience: First thing to go when working double or triple shifts … is your immune system. You’ll come down with strep throat and/or pneumonia in the middle of summer.

      • rah says:

        Not blowing smoke. She’s a smart girl and knows what she’s making.

    • Ron says:

      People get kind of punchy and make mistakes working those kinds of hours.

  5. The bottom line is that the “Vaccines” are NOT SAFE for everyone.
    I keep doing research and hearing different points of view.
    But I keep coming back to the “Vaccines” are NOT SAFE.
    Watch some of the video stories on this page to get a feel for what is happening.

  6. Ron says:

    Winter and its normal flu season are fast approaching. Watch as we have almost no flu season, but a new covid variant will be used to instill fear in people.
    This evil Fascist stuff is destroying the country, for the Reset.

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