A New Climate Prophet

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  1. Peter Carroll says:

    The photo used is in the wrong hemisphere. It is a satellite photo of Cyclone Yasi, approaching the coast of North Queensland, Australia, in early 2011. But it looks good!!!

  2. Nicholas Liam McGinley says:

    Tropical systems are distinct in that they occur in one air mass.
    It is not strictly a matter of water temperature.
    In fact, water temp alone will not predict where or when tropical systems will form or intensify.
    What really limits them is wind shear, and dry air.
    The winds have to be light and all in the same direction from the surface to a very high altitude. Not likely up where the jet steam is.
    Another requirement is low pressure at the surface and high pressure aloft.
    The high pressure is required for outflow in all four quadrants of the storm.
    The simple fact is, this lady has no idea what she is talking about.

  3. Anon says:

    I thought the UK was going to be a Mediterranean Climate?

    So, now it is going to be a Tropical Climate or a Siberian Climate? (hmmm)

    However, on the bright side of the equation is that once the UK gets enough wind farms built, these can be put in reverse when a Hurricane threatens and blow it back to sea!!!

    • Thomas Fowler says:

      Sounds like an idea the greens would come up with.

      • arn says:

        Anon was once an AGW promoter.
        He knows very well how they move and think as he was one of those :)

        But something,probably the natural enemies of marxism as truth,curiosity,critical thinking,integrity,bravery,dialectics and retroduction,turned him away from the well paved animal trail of political correctness that every animal that is not more equal is supposed to use.
        Now he has to deal with crackpots like me(everything has a downside)
        but it may have saved him from some serious side effects he would have got by taking a vaccine he does not need.

        • Anon says:

          Hi Arn,

          Thanks for the memories!

          I remember how oblivious I was back then. I viewed the theory of GW as one would gravity. I would not even give the other side a look, because science is “peer reviewed”… and I work under the peer review system in the fundamental physical sciences, where it is still very effective.

          It was actually Wikileaks that snapped me out of it… as there was an email tranche that involved John Podesta going after Roger Pielke Jr. I couldn’t fathom why the Democrats would inject politics into science; both as an ethical concern and as factual matter, because sooner or later , if one is fudging numbers, reality will catch up with them.

          So, after going through the cesspool of Wikileaks, I thought I at least owed it to my students to check the CAGW facts, as a number were disputing some of the stuff I was teaching. In order to do that, I think I googled something like “list of world’s biggest climate deniers” and Tony Heller’s name came up and I ended up on Tony’s YouTube channel.

          My literal “FIRST CONTACT” with the other side was this video:

          NOAA : Hiding Critical Arctic Sea Ice Data


          I had never seen anything that scientifically egregious and unethical in my life. So, after many months of independent investigation (actually duplicating many of Tony’s plots with my own software) I completely discontinued all of my CAGW teaching at my University and went back to teaching the fundamental sciences.

          The real tragedy of the whole thing is that I now see the same unethical thing happening in MEDICINE.

          PS: It seems to me that progressives can’t live with facts and bend everything to conform with their narratives. And the result of that has been the destruction of the credibility of almost every government organization they have contact with: NASA, NOAA, FBI, DOJ, Armed Forces, and now the CDC and FDA.

  4. Joanne says:

    As with your excellent researching of past facts and statements that the Conspirators choose to change and ignore, is there evidence and ‘science’ they accepted in the past, re the non-linear greenhouse effect with increasing PPM’s that would help refute their downplaying, denial of the physics today. When CO2 has absorbed/converted all the longwave radiation to heat that it can, and there is no more to radiation to absorb, how can increasing CO2 levels lead to more warming?

  5. Dana H. Saylor Sr. says:

    I would like to call your attention to the recent paper Drs. Bill Smith and Lars Schernikau compiled on the economic viability of a large scale solar operation. It is the most comprehensive and candid analysis of the subject I have seen. I hope you find it worthy to include in your excellent data base and news release. I believe this is the kind of “common sense” and rational discussion that will resonate with those at the “grass roots” of the economy, the ones who will suffer the most from the wrong decisions on “climate change”. I understand that Bill and Lars are doing a similar analysis of windmills.


    • arn@gmx says:

      It’s not clear wether those guys even included the massive increase of additional energy that is needed to build(and mine,maintain and transport ) all those Panels,Batteries etc,
      In that case 35000 km2 wouldn’t be enough.
      40k (or 2 million for the whole planet)

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