Six Months In Jail For Delivering KFC

Fifteen months ago New Zealand announced they had eliminated COVID-19.

How did New Zealand become Covid-19 free? – BBC News

Now people get six months in jail for delivering KFC.

New Zealand Covid: Men caught smuggling KFC into lockdown-hit Auckland – BBC News

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14 Responses to Six Months In Jail For Delivering KFC

  1. Torgo says:

    Reminds me of the South Park episode.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    If we’ve seen anything, it’s that the fascists and Nazis are no longer afraid now that Trump is gone.

  3. arn says:

    They should have moved to britain and systematically rape children for many years.
    Noone would have done a thing.
    But delivering food-that can not be tolerated.

  4. pineapple says:

    New Zealand, Australia and Canada are former British colonies who gained their independence by decree from the British Kingdom. Interestingly, all three chose to keep the monarch of their motherland as the head of state.
    More interestingly, all three have become authoritarian states lately. It may have been just a ridiculous historic anecdote if it wasn’t sad.
    People in those countries did not have to fight for their freedom, and this may be why they have lost it to their governments with hardly any resistance.
    It’s easier to subjugate people who already think of themselves as subjects rather than citizens who fully own their country.

    • arn says:

      At first sight it may look ridiculous but if we take a closer
      look we may find out that all those countries incl. the country
      that has a modified british east india as national flag
      work together on a global scale(5 eyes prism).

      Thats an amazing coincidence when you have 200 countries to chose from.
      So we can be sure that the same coincidence will happen with covid and AGW tyranny.

    • Rockwood says:

      What you say may be historical fact, but I hope the collective conscience of doing the right thing ultimately prevails. Canadians are not cowards, so many Canadians sacrificed their lives to free the world of fascism. But we remain respectful, apologetic, smart, maybe not lately how we do things ……. I say the fight is not over even though Canada has become fractured and put into submission by a corrupt Liberal government led by Blackface who is bent on destroying my country by leveraging this plandemic and every other crisis you can imagine (climate eh!!), all in the name of a foreign globalist agenda probably being controlled by China ….. Still can’t believe Trudeau and that corrupt Liberal government (amongst many others having been infiltrated by Chinese and other foreign evildoers) almost got his majority…… Sorry none of this BS makes any sense.

    • GreyGeek says:

      Even the majority of Americans are giving consent by their silence to the loss of their God given freedoms under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. All of that in exchange for some “security”. Meanwhile, the elitists imposing the mandates “for our own good” are ignoring their own mandates, especially when they think the cameras are not on, and party on at tax-payers expense, even hiring their own private security while they defund the police. All of this is not by accident. It is by design, to deliberately convert our Republic into a socialist state with themselves as the “benevolent dictators”.

  5. Greg in NZ says:

    In case you didn’t read the fine print: “gang associates [had] tens of thousands of dollars” cash in the car. Do a drug delivery then pick up some snacks on the way home?

    This Crown Colony in the Pacific, ie. NZ, has had a deadly ‘P’ epidemic for decades (methamphetamine or P for so-called Pure) which has taken more lives than any WuFlu by Fauxci & Co. Then again, the ingredients come from China, the many-tailed dragon.

    No one has died from the Helter Skelter Delta voyeurous™ yet NZ’s murder rate, infanticide, road crash fatalities, etc are skyrocketing, while Cindy’s bought-and-paid-for media mugs regurgitate daily ‘case’ numbers (as if they matter) while ignoring brown-on-brown mass murder via gangs & their filthy (P for Police) drugs.

  6. Dave says:

    Is this what fascists call “Gain of Function “.

  7. Janet Marshall says:

    Nothing in the south island, yet we were still put in level 4 by the crazy twats who are supposed to be running the country. NZers have had it too good for too long and I really believe most of them are enjoying this, under the stupid belief they are saving everyone. I live top of the south island and most people are walking around in the fresh air (no huge city here) with face nappies on, avoiding everyone.
    In one breath we are told that there are far too many people on Earth and we must stop breeding and in the next breath they tell us to take an experimental medication to ‘save’ everyone from dying!!!!!! I’m confused.

  8. colonel sanders says:

    The only really important question here is did they order original or hot & spicy

  9. Richard says:

    READ it again- GANG with 1000s in CASH with KFC were arrested

    they were CRIMINALS

    • Timo, Not That One says:

      Ask yourself why the police released a photograph of the confiscated contraband on the hood (bonnet) of the police car, as if they were kilo bundles of drugs.

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