“Sweden Won The Argument”

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  1. Yep — more Big Brother propaganda — listen to me — but not the data.

  2. reg cole says:

    He was doing well til he said we should all be vaccinated.
    There are no vaccinations, only Experimental Biological Agent Injections and more people have died from the injections than all the previous cumulative deaths from vaccinations!

  3. Mike says:

    Great to see and hear Tegnell in English, but even better to hear the comments about his attitude and manner of dealing with the situation and all the questions. Nice to hear that people in Sweden give him the thumbs up wherever he goes.

    I live in Sweden but I haven’t met him. Nevertheless – thumbs up to him!

  4. Mahatmat says:

    I am swedish and here is my view:
    Tegnell is a fucking coward. He is fully aware of the fact that NO virus can be stopped by ANY “vaccin”. But as Sweden has been successful, showing that by NOT implementing absurd lockdowns or mandatory face diapers or other fascist measures the swedish population still is alive and well, he should of course focus on THAT and not talk this shit about “vaccin” as some kind of reason why we still are here! The death count in Sweden, all causes is less today than the average for the last ten years. And of course he – as do all of the rest sane people of the world – knows that! Those who claim otherwise are just cowardly sheep, hoping for the best, hopign not to have to really have to see truth

    • Scissor says:

      I assume that the suicide rate of Swedish youth and the Swedish people in general did not rise like it did in so many places suffering from tyrannical lock downs. If that is the case, it is something to celebrate.

    • arn says:

      Same with the death count in Germany.
      2020 was below 2019.

      We could consider ourselves lucky that most of the cabal(and even their children ) very old and that they don’t dare to release a really leathal virus if they wont spent the rest of their lifes in isolated bunkers.
      But vaccines ain’t infectious therefore its a safe way to go.
      (thanks god bidens vaccine mandates can not affect congress members)

  5. pressure treated says:

    Tegnell was clearly right about lockdowns being useless in terms of controlling the disease, and he was also right about the unacceptable collateral damage that lockdowns cause. Kudos to him for this.
    However, he is wrong about the “vaccines” being useful, simply because they aren’t. The “vaccines” fail to provide the “vaccinated” with immunity from the disease, they don’t prevent them from being infected, and they don’t prevent them from transmitting the disease to other people, whether “vaccinated” or not. These alleged vaccines are no match for people’s natural immunity to this virus, including all its strains, past, present and future.
    Furthermore, these useless vaccines have been proven to be harmful and even deadly, even to people that do not belong to any risk group in terms of COVID19. The victims include young people and even children.
    Nobel prize laureate in Medicine prof Luc Montagnier, as well as many other experts in Virology, Epidemiology, and Public Health, have issued stark warnings that we are facing a catastrophe, and they unequivocally recommend to stop immediately all COVID19 “vaccination”, worldwide.

    • Kurt Goodwin says:

      It’s true that these vaccines are no substitute for natural immunity and that avoiding the lockdowns was a smart move.

      It is not true that these vaccines are useless. Even against the delta variant there is a reduction in the number of cases with full vaccination, but even more importantly there is a very significant decrease in the severity of the cases. The number of hospitalizations and deaths per 100,000 people and cases are drastically lower than with full vaccinations.

      the governments and media are a**holes, but data is data.

      • Tel says:

        I dunno Kurt, there’s charts available at the CDC and you can find them here.


        I compared some of the lowest vaccination states in the USA (Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming) against the highest vaccination states in the USA (Vermont, Connecticut, Maine) and then I looked at earlier waves (around Christmas essentially no one was vaccinated) vs the current wave.

        The only one showing any improvement was Connecticut and in quite a few of them case numbers are still rising … what would it have to look like for the vaccines to have failed?

        That’s not looking at severity of cases, but the CDC does have in indicator for “new COVID hospital admissions” if you accept that as a proxy for severity and frankly the current wave in most states is very much the same new hospital admissions as the Christmas wave … not significantly effected by vaccination levels. Slightly worse in Wyoming if you look at the ratio to hospital admissions to patients and compare this year to last year … that’s a low vaccination state but on the other hand last year they had zero vaccinations, you would expect it to help a little bit. Vermont is a high vaccination state and new COVID hospital admissions are much the same as they were at zero vaccination, but still rising it might get worse.

        This would be a great topic for a video if there’s time to put one together.

  6. Wim Vincken says:

    The mRNA vaccine is not designed to kill the coronavirus, but it helps the reduce the numbers of people getting serious sick. The effects is less hospitalizations and mortality.

    Another thing. Everyone is telling that the reason for the new infects is because of the delta variant. That’s of course not proven and also not correct. The way how he mRNA vaccine is designed, it will not disable new infections.

    But for sure it doesn’t change the infections, that will continue as usual in the form of waves.
    Worse even, globally speaking, since November 2020, there is nothing changed. There were three waves, which peaked similar.

    About Sweden. I think that Sweden will receive a new wave, just like most of the western countries.
    Furthermore, the reason for the Sweden lack of extreme corona cases compared with the rest of the world is of course complex. Closures means sitting inside in homes and there is also the locations why so many more people get infected.

    • Archie says:

      Blah, blah, blah. All talking points for the fake MSM propaganda department and verifiably false. Your body, your choice but “do it at home” and don’t spread your misinformation here.

  7. Barry Sheridan says:

    It certainly surprised me to find the Swedes following a path that was out of step with much of the rest of the world. However, this path led to clear gain for the population of Sweden, most importantly is a substantial reduction in the mass psychosis created elsewhere, with subsequent lessening in the mental problems that are showing up in Britain and other countries.

  8. John Sutcliffe says:

    My old father-in-law used to say ‘It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good’; the authorities in Melbourne Australia have done well with the ill wind by using a lot of rubber bullets against their own people, someone has to make and sell them.

  9. pressure treated says:

    More on the authorities’ COVID19 fraud campaign(s) in the US –
    US State Senators file petition for Grand Jury Investigation into the CDC & FDA alleging they lied by inflating Covid-19 Death data:

  10. Gerald Machnee says:

    The only way to kill the virus is with an anti-virus, but the doctors will not use it because two of the best anti-virals are Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. In Canada they will not even repeat the two names, which makes them complicit to killing people.
    The only time Ivermectin was mentioned by a doctor in Canada lately is when Big Pharma and the media went on a campaign against it on Sept 1, 2021 and they interviewed doctors who lied and said there were no studies that showed Ivermectin is effective.

    • arn says:

      So Iverctimin and HCQ have been declared the co2 of human climate called health-
      probably because they are really effective against something really man made as covid 19.

      For the first time i’ll have to blame Trump.
      If he hadn’t talked in a positive way about HCQ it wouldn’t have been demonised.

  11. roaddog says:

    Every genuine disaster is the result of a government policy.

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