Vaccine Progress In The US

Wyoming is the least vaccinated state and cases are dropping off sharply. Vermont is the most vaccinated state, and cases are skyrocketing to record highs.


Vermont COVID: 30,922 Cases and 294 Deaths – Worldometer

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12 Responses to Vaccine Progress In The US

  1. Lance says:

    Lame Stream Media are pretty quiet on Sweden now too.

  2. czechlist says:

    Just visited Coronavirus Bell Curve and checked all 50 States’ data. I find it interesting that cases in all States were declining in early Spring as the vaccines were rolled out; But, with exception of Conn, all began to rapidly increase as more people became vaxxed. It is as if the vaccine incubated the vid and resulted in an increase in positive tests. Thankfully deaths have decreased; but, then, the numbers of the very vulnerable decreases by attrition.
    With every day that passes, with every front line doctor that is silenced, with vax and mask mandates on citizens while illegals are ignored, with…. and with so little pushback from the opposition party, I am convinced there is a political coup against the Constitution and We the People with both political parties being culpable

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      The “vaccines” lose their potency in about 6 months so the countries like Israel which were the first to vaccinate are getting more cases of Covid now.

      • Tel says:

        There is a way to make a testable prediction based on your theory.

        If what you say is correct, then Uruguay should get a wave on infections as they come into Summer, probably around November 2021, or perhaps a month later.

        They started vaccination fairly late, approx February 2021 and they are through that wave of infections that strangely always seems to come along soon after the vaccine program starts. They are essentially sitting at where Israel was three months ago … keep that link in your bookmarks and check back again every month or so.

  3. Walter Wagner says:

    mRNA vaccine inhibits ability to fight off cancer cells, yielding a 20-fold increase in some cancers:

    The above is supported by this finding that mRNA vaccine weakens immune system:

    I wonder what else is coming down the pipeline. Those d-dimer tests showing extensive micro-clots (not visible by traditional internal imaging) suggest that 60% of the mRNA vaccinated will suffer other long-term consequences, including brain, heart and lung problems from non-regenerative tissues.

    And of course there is this:

  4. Ed Price says:

    I’ve read that Biden and the members of both houses and the Judges have somehow granted themselves immunity from having the jabs. Pelosi has refused to answer whether she has had the jab!
    If that is true, then to me it has confirmed that the jab is a depopulation bomb that has nothing to do with Covid.

  5. roaddog says:

    The world needs more cowboys.

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    At one time in the UK Volvo cars were involved in the largest number of accidents per mile driven. This was despite them being sold as cars built for safety. The explanation was that because these were the safest cars on the roads the drivers took more chances in the misguided belief that they were invulernable.

    Perhaps the citizens of Vermont are suffering from the same delusion.

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