Banning Dissent

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  1. arn says:

    Well, Biden(s real brain) is right now trying to install a real soviet whose aim it is to
    expand the FED’s mandate and even create a second FED (for infrastructure)called NiA and which will end in an (infrastructural)
    great depression to get the chance to then help the people out of the mess they created.
    As the AGW lie (besides the religious aspect ) is a fundamental part to justify such a massive super centralised power grab they will have to lie more to justify their actions and go harder on the dissenters to keep the growing opposition down.

    It may be of interest that,once the NiA is installed and the FED’s power increased the same anti dissent methods that are being now used by goolag will
    be used by these institutions.
    They will cut down any money supply / licensing to banks and companies that do not go along with AGW , built back better,green new deal,co2 output etc.

  2. Heather Gulliver says:

    Tony Heller my last two payments to you through Paypal have been blocked.

  3. Anon says:

    It is a lot simpler than that: once you implement consensus, science stops.

    In 1905, Einstein published the Theory of Special Relativity. However, if the journal editors just Googled the consensus, Einstein would never have got that paper published and we would still be living with Newton’s Laws today.

    The whole point of science is to challenge the consensus or sally forth into the unknown, to reveal something new.


    And as far as the censorship is concerned, I think the timing is very poor. I have a lot of progressive friends who fell off the media bandwagon when the US government/media flip flopped on the Covid19 origination story and the vaccine mandate (mandates were opposed by all Democratic politicians prior to the 2020 election).

    We have now entered an era where people are now genuinely “searching for the truth”, so I don’t believe the government/media censoring climate change information will be too well received.

    It is really difficult to do propaganda and censorship well and it is often posited that Nazis and Josef Goebbels were the best, however that belies the reality:

    Berlin Diary The Journal Of A Foreign Correspondent 1934 1941 ~ William Shirer

    It’s interesting, by the way, how few people buy the evening newspapers. Get on a subway or a bus during the evening rush hour. Not one German in ten is reading a newspaper. Slow-thinking and long- suffering though they are, they are beginning to be aware, I think, that their newspapers give them little news, and that little so doctored by propaganda that it is difficult to recognize.

    And that Shirer observation was from a time when Germany was winning the war…

    And America is sadly following the same path:

    Americans’ trust in media fell four points in past year

    Just 7 percent said they have a “great deal” of trust and confidence in newspapers, television and radio, while 29 percent said they have a “fair amount.”

    We still have not gotten to the point where 90% of the population has written off the media, but with Google pioneering the way, we just may get there. (sigh)

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