Build Back Better

Last October, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ran on a “Build Back Better” platform based on racial equity. One year later they have banned most black people from working or eating in California or New York restaurants.

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  1. GWS says:

    Great video! All that’s needed is the truth to come out, but the dims always refuse to believe it.

  2. Anon says:

    Not that I believe that hiring based on skin color is a good idea, but people will be surprised to learn that Congress is one of the least diverse organizations in the country:

    Concerns About Diversity as Black Staff Members Leave Congress

    According to the Joint Center, although Black voters accounted for almost 40 percent of the 2016 Democratic turnout in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, the three states with the highest share of Black residents that are represented by two Democratic senators, there is currently only one top staff member who is Black in all six of those Senate offices.

    “I honestly didn’t feel like the Hill was for me — there were very few hues of Black and brown walking through the Senate,” Kameelah Pointer said of her first internship in 2017.

    It is like: “Diversity for you, but not for me”. Or Bernie Sanders going on about the need to pay living wages, while paying his campaign staff peanuts.

  3. ian Fults says:


    And all the work you do!

    I designed a shirt that says:




  4. Jon Fletcher says:

    “Build Back better” ACTUALLY MEANS “Build back … communist!!
    communism being that idealist shit that ACTUALLY means your phuqued, sacrificed on the communists Stone of Stupidity!!! Where us communists are EVIL and you, the ‘peasants” are … stupid”!!!!
    “:Wait… what are you doing, peasants, with those pitchforks??? AAAAAGH…!!!

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