Dr. Fauci Discusses Vaccine Effectiveness

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  1. rah says:

    What “Clinical Study”? Both Pfizer and Moderna said they “lost” the data on the control groups during their initial study. That is not science!

    • GreyGeek says:

      The term “Clinical Trials” refers to the first of several phases of testing in which a special subset of Rhesus Monkeys are used to test experimental vaccines. Because of a shortage of those special monkeys around Jan of 2020, and because it takes months to establish and stabilize test and control colonies, and up to four or five years to collect safety and efficacy data, none of the vaccine makers ran the monkey trials. That’s what “Operation Warp Speed” meant — bypass monkey tests. Take five or so years off the testing regimen.

      The first testing went straight to human guinea pig groups, and by January of 2021 the vaccines were pronounced ready for administration to the general public. As Tony has pointed out, for the last 20 years the VAERS database, which holds adverse events for all vaccines, averaged much less than 30Mb per year. So far, for this year alone, the VAERS database is 497Mb. The number of entries for 2021 have risen to 611,413. It could be over a million by the end of the year.

      In the summer and fall of 2020 YouTube was filled with videos claiming that “Trump’s vaccine” was too dangerous to use because of Operation Warp Speed. Biden, Pelosi, AOC, other Democrat politicians and their lackeys in the news media all made statements saying that they would NOT take the vaccine. Then, by the miracle of mail-in ballots counted after 1pm and other ballot stuffing, Joe won. Now, not only is that same vaccine 100% safe and effective, if you don’t take it you will lose your job. The only way they could live with such mental gymnastics and dissonance is if they are driven by a political agenda … and they are. It’s called Marxism, and the “science” they push we’ve seen before, it is called Lysenkoism.

  2. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    You might want to check these two videos out, if you have time (20 mins in total):

    My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab (16:31)

    Doctor runs an immune system panel on one of his vaxed patients.


    Shocking Numbers (YOU MUST SEE) after seeing this data you just might change your mind. (3:23)

    The data and numbers you will see here show how many deaths came after the covid vaccine was introduced into each country. These numbers come straight from the John Hopkins covid Resource Center.


    Alternate video source:


    Obviously, I have no idea about their validity (only one patient in first video) or if there is a connection, but they may make more sense as more information becomes available.

  3. Louis Gatto says:


  4. Luigi says:

    Dear Tony I just would like to make you all aware of what is happening now at the port of the Italian town Trieste, where 3000 workers accompanied by several thousand people of the town have decided to strike against the law forcing workers to have the sanitary pass (green pass). The green pass can be obtained by either getting the vaccine or being tested every 48 hours. But while the vaccine is for free, the test must be payed by the worker (15€). So these people decided that they do not agree to that, do not think the GP is an effective measure, but only a political issue and have been blocking the whole traffic since 15.10. Several people from all the neighbourhood, the other towns Gorizia, Livorno , Neaple, Gioia Tauro and many many others are protesting and there is a general strike of several working categories but also all citizen who do not want ot risk their life and take a useless and but dangerous vaccine are striking everywhere in Italy. Unfortunately mainstream press is not saying a word.

    CLPT.3 Trieste is the name of the trade union of the port’s workers:
    here all who have a facebook account can see what’s going on:




  5. Greg in NZ says:

    Bravo, Tony, bravo!

    By their deeds ye shall know them, was never more true in these days of Covert-XVIIII mass trance formation.

    Branch Covidians here in NZ now refer to us – we who have NOT fallen under the spell/spiel of Ja Cinders and her band of Gay Pranksters – as not only ‘science den!ers’ but also ‘pro-disease’, and that includes doctors and nurses and mayors who have said ‘no thanks’.

    Like climate cultists, they chant mantras which have been long outdated by real-world observation, or as we would say, the scientific method. Bravo!

  6. Jack Shit says:

    Excellent video clip 👍. Absolutely nails it.

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