Five Years Away From Wind Power

In 1911, the New York Times said wind power would save us from global cooling, and we would soon run out of fossil fuels.

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3 Responses to Five Years Away From Wind Power

  1. GWS says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry anymore.

  2. william says:

    He obviously hadn’t had much to do with shipping which for the last 50 years had made a massive transition from windpower to coal.

  3. arn says:

    So the NYT has already been promoting ecomarxism 110 years ago.
    Therefore it is no surprise that they covered up all the communist killings
    while succefully ridiculing and name calling everyone(that’s so AGW)
    who exposed the commie genocides.

    Something tells me it’s neither a coincidence that Trotsky lived in New York
    (in a Luxus Hotel with with a Limousine&Chauffeur) before he started the russian revolution,
    nor the fact that New York bankers paid Japan to wage war on Russia to weaken the country
    after the first revolution failed so Trotsky can succeed.
    And where is the global commie Agend21 UN building located ?

    Seems my inner conspiracy theorist runs away with me.

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