Hiding The World’s Leading Physicists

More than 30,000 American scientists (including more than 9,000 PhD’s) have signed this petition disputing climate junk science, including two of the biggest names in nuclear physics – Edward Teller and Freeman Dyson.

Global Warming Petition Project
Appendix 4. The Petition Project – Climate Change Reconsidered

This week in 2012, PBS did a hit piece against tens of thousands of scientists, in an effort  to influence the election. One of their dirty tricks was blur out Edward Teller’s signature at the  20:00 mark.

PBS prefers to get their science from people who haven’t completed high school – and other non-scientists.

Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World | PBS

May 16, 2013
Jun 25, 2013

This is who Barack Obama called ‘the Flat Earth Society”

Freeman Dyson, Math Genius Turned Technological Visionary, Dies at 96 – The New York Times

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8 Responses to Hiding The World’s Leading Physicists

  1. As far as the jit piece is concerned: The usual duff logic of appeal to authority and ad hominem attacks. Not a hint of actual science. A complete waste of 50 minutes of my life. No presentation of the scientific arguments for AGW, and definitely none against it. In places factually wide of the mark. Propaganda rubbish at its most insidious. Only a moron could fall victim to such drivel. The only message that comes across loud and clear is that 97% of climate scientists should be sacked immediately as incompetent.

    • Richard says:

      They cannot stop it now – the liars from Al Gore to Gretta have created millions of useless jobs over Climate scam
      Al Gore got the whole CO2 point mixed up and since his first Book the cult has blamed CO2 which is inert & plants love it

      Revelle, who died in 1991, started the remarkable series of measurements of atmospheric CO2 during the Intergovernmental Geophysical Year in 1957. As a visiting professor at Harvard University, he taught a freshman course attended by then-student Al Gore. In his frightening best-seller, Earth in the Balance, Gore claims Revelle as his mentor.
      If you know the book, you may be interested in what mentor/scientist Revelle said about global warming. It will make you less frightened.
      OMNI interview
      In March 1984–15 years ago, mind you–Omni magazine published an extensive interview with Revelle.
      Omni: A problem that has occupied your attention for many years is the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, which could cause the Earth’s climate to become warmer. Is this actually happening?
      Revelle: I estimate that the total increase [in CO2] over the past hundred years has been about 21 percent. But whether the increase will lead to a significant rise in global temperature, we can’t absolutely say.

  2. arn says:

    Obama taching Dyon about science is like
    Dyson teaching Obama about psychopathy.

    And one can only guess how many other things are being systematocally hidden by big tech,msm and politics.

  3. tom0mason says:

    My take away from the PBS special election 2012 presentation
    The Leftist Liberaty believe they acting to ‘saving the planet’ and advocating wonderful things. They all display the worst aspects of a ‘Savior Complex’. Psychologists say ‘Savior Complex’ tendencies can involve fantasies of omnipotence*.
    These Communists/Socialists/Liberals are defined by their awful pompous pseudo-moral superiority, and their continual egotistical desire to virtue signal. They’re duplicitous in furthering their dangerous ‘the means justifies the ends’ suicidal advocacy. They are actually wreaking chaos on this planet. They are catastrophic for humanity’s development and evolution, being as they are, the greatest threat that humanity has ever confronted.
    There will be only one outcome if this continues; human life being reduced to a deluded elitist’s consensus of drudgery, mediocrity, and immortality, godless empty lives with only vaporous celebrity, pettiness and trivia as relief, before finally succumbing to absolute nihilism and slavery.

    *See https://www.healthline.com/health/savior-complex

  4. will FORD says:


  5. nobler says:

    I saw an interview with Dyson. He said he supported 0bama, but that 0bama was wrong about global warming.

  6. jchr12 says:

    Anyone think governments will listen? Covid & climate change are the two most useful bogeymen stories under which hides the most foul, subversive, draconian, criminal & despotic power grab and population reduction tool ever devised by psychotic world leaders. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

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