Maldives Out Of Time

Ten years ago the Maldives rejected “climate negotiations” saying they were too slow and the island would drown before the rules came into effect.  Since then the Maldives have grown in size.

New deal tabled at climate talks after rebellion | Reuters

Hundreds of Pacific Islands are getting bigger despite global warming – ABC News

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2 Responses to Maldives Out Of Time

  1. will FORD says:

    THE chicken littles of the world. TRUE ASSWIPE FOOLS.

  2. Francis Barnett says:

    So: Chinese, Saudi and Kuwaiti money and Chinese engineers to build a new runway on coral atolls which – according to environmentalists – are one of the places at the world most at risk from ‘climate change’.

    This suggests one of two possible conclusions.

    Either this is a public-spirited gesture by donor nations keen to help the Maldives’ population of 400,000 be evacuated as quickly as possible by air before the islands are finally inundated by rising sea levels.

    Or, outside the gullible West, no one believes in “climate change.”

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