New Zealanders Caused The Medieval Warm Period

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

― Mark Twain

7:58 AM · Oct 12, 2021

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6 Responses to New Zealanders Caused The Medieval Warm Period

  1. Timo, Not That One says:

    I never trusted those Kiwis.

  2. another Jim says:

    But, what, how, Maori are not white Pepo! Indigenous Pepo love Gaia, and would never destroy the earth!

    • arn says:

      Well ,there is a weird and commie ranking that is arbitrary as art = the deciders decide when who is privileged, just as hey need it.

      If you are black and gay you are the biggest victim ever – but only if you live in the western world.
      The western world that created the richest black people ever (who are also the most racist and violent in the USA by far)
      and the richest and most privileged gays is officially said to be the most racist a
      BUT you can’t be black or gay enough if you live in a muslim country.
      Then it does not matter if you are enslaved by the millions(where are the George Floyd protesters? ) or killed.
      Noone will talk about it, Noone will protest ,no crazy woke protests, no sanctions or exclusions from Olympia.

      But even being Muslim won’t help you if live in China and put into concentration camps.

      It only depends on how useful you are and if you can be exploited.

      In this case one of these low IQ morons(probably the smartest of the group) remembered that Maoris used to burn down forests and created a fairytail so inclusive that it has all primitive cliches that keeps taxpayer money flowing(climate, global,blame the man and his arrival )
      The problem : The Maoris did not burn forests from the beginning as they didn’t need to.
      When they arrived there was tons of food as the animals had no escape reflex.
      But after several generations the number of animals went down and forest fires turned out to be a lazy and effective way to catch animals.

  3. Is there no upper bound to the level of utter tosh which we are expected to swallow?

    The ‘hockey stick’ deletes the medieval warming period altogether, and for years all manner of explanations were advanced, including the bogus claim that it was just a local event. Is this an admission of its actual existence? Doesn’t it merely show up the ‘hockey stick’ as a complete fraud?

  4. Greg in NZ says:

    Arsonists! OK, I’ll admit it, it was my great great ancestors – no wait! – they were Scots/Irish who rowed ashore in the 1800s. Couldn’t have been my lot.

    Eggspurts obviously haven’t heard of the Fires of Tamatea, massive wildfires set off by a series of ‘flaming meteorites’ which arrived about the same time as the Polynesians. The earlier Waitaha people spoke of ‘fiery canoes’ falling from the sky and burning everything. Now THAT’S climate change I can believe in!

  5. arn says:

    There must have been a call for bids by the Rockfeller Foundation to reward those with the most shameless,unscientific propaganda that can somehow blame previous climate changes on humans to increase the guilt and shame.

    Now i don’t know if those charlatans blame the Medieval Warm Period on this nonsense as the medieval Warm Period got almost cancelled by the cult ,or they simple dont know about about the MWP as the result of massive fires should have similar results as volcanic eruptions = cooling as result of dimmed sunlight,as the Pinatubo did 30 years ago.

    But the main problem with this crap is ,
    that even nowadays with high tech it would be impossible to burn a wet place like NZ.
    Another problem is that the Maoris and the Fauna wouldn’t have survived these fires.
    The concentration of produced (toxic )particles on such a small location needs to be superhigh to be able cover the planet that a simple change of wind direction would kill all life Pompeii style.

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