New Zealand’s COVID Elimination Strategy

Eighteen months ago the New Zealand Medical Journal explained that a few weeks of science was needed to eliminate COVID-19.

New Zealand’s elimination strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic and what is required to make it work

But it turned out eighteen months later that permanent dictatorship was actually the key.

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Sir Russell Coutts accuses Government of ‘dictatorship’ in social media post – NZ Herald

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3 Responses to New Zealand’s COVID Elimination Strategy

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    New Zealand’s poorly thought out strategy is coming home to roost. They actually thought, at least Ardern did, that they could hide their heads in the sand, and it would all blow over. But it’s not blowing over, and they need to rejoin society.

  2. MAL says:

    Farr’s law will not go unfilled. To bad our so called “elites” in the world don’t know this. My conclusion is not enough of them shoveled enough manure to be able to tell the difference of real BS from made up BS

  3. Psalmon says:

    New Zealand has record active cases now for them. They join the list of Bahrain, Israel, Singapore all who have reached high levels of vaccination followed by record infections…which requires more vaccinations of course…followed by…

    Exactly how they expect it for the rest of our lives.

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