“Sizzling October” 1921

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  1. arn says:

    The great perfect low co2 weather ” blessed ” a humanity the most when it was recovering from ww1 and Spanish Flu with some extraordinary weather.

    The > 350ppm co2 control knob worked as great as co2mmunism did at the same time.
    Both outhitlert Hitler years before he even started.

  2. Stuart Hamish says:

    ” The Arctic seems to be warming up ……….Many old landmarks are so changed as to be unrecognizable . Where formerly great masses of ice were found , there are now often moraines , accumulations of earth and stones …..formerly the waters about Spitzbergen held an even summer temperature of about 3 Celsius ; this year recorded temperatures up to 15 [ Celsius ] and last winter the ocean did not freeze over even on the north coast of Spitzbergen ” ” November 1922 , Monthly Weather Review , The Changing Arctic ‘

    This may interest you Tony : the retired paleo-ecologist Mike Baillie in his book ‘ New Light on the Black Death : The Cosmic Connection ‘ discussed the 1920 -22 particulate anomaly in the American GISP2 ice core record , noting the ” section with the most particles and the largest particles is in 1920 -22 ….the spike is so huge in comparison with anything else in the [ 1300 year ] record it stands out like a sore thumb ” He then posed the question followed by a challenge : ” What on earth was the event that caused this 1920 -22 anomaly ?…..someone might like to solve this little enigma ” The particulate spike is indeed impressive ..If one examines the graph on page 117 ,the number of particles registers around 340 000 at its 1922 peak compared to an estimated 120 000 for the year 1916 …..The clue to what may have deposited so many dust particles in the 1920 -22 section of the GISP2 core is there in the Monthly Weather Review passage above : ” Where formerly great masses of ice were found , there are now ….moraines , accumulations of earth and stones ” The rapidly melting Arctic ice [ remember Arctic temperatures over 1920 -30 rose at a rate 50% higher than the period 1995 -2005 ] exposed so much previously glaciated terrain , wind transportation would have spread an abnormally higher influx of particles across the remaining deeper ice ..Perhaps the little enigma of the 1920 -22 particulate anomaly is now solved ..Another ‘black spot ‘ of history and science illumined ..Unless anyone has a better hypothesis …..If this explanation is correct then the Arctic warming and ice loss during the period 1920 – 40 was the most exceptional and accelerated over the past 1300 years …I think the implications for global warming theory in the modern era are self evident.

    Furthermore, the abnormally intense heat and dry conditions across the northern hemisphere temperate and Arctic zones during 1921 probably had something to do with not just the October sunspot maxima but also the extraordinary geomagnetic storm in May 13 -15 [ which may have rivalled the 1859 Carrington Event ] leading into the northern summer .. The worst malaria outbreak in human history occurred in Russia [ not the tropics ] from 1920 -22 resulting in an estimated 600 000 deaths including 10 ,000 in the sub Arctic city of Archangelsk If you look at the EM DAT International Disaster Database climate related fatalities chart ,1920 – 22 was the peak and human climate related deaths have plummeted by 95 -98% over the 100 years since up to the present …

    • Stuart Hamish says:

      There is another sub peak in the GISP particulate record centered on 1895 -96 coinciding with intense and prolonged heatwaves in the northern and southern hemispheres . The warmer positive phases of the Atlantic and Pacific Multidecadal Oscillations merged in the 30’s and 40’s when the north-west passage was navigable ..These conditions are not matched today in the era of higher atmospheric dioxide. Arctic sea ice has stabilized tracking the AMO . The heightened solar activity of the early 1920’s may have been another vector responsible for the rapid warming and ice loss from 1920 – 1930 https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/amo-pdo-cycles/

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