The US Pandemic

One year ago the New York Times bashed Sweden for not implementing tyranny.

Opinion | What Fans of ‘Herd Immunity’ Don’t Tell You – The New York Times

Experts predicted 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in Sweden by June of last year.

Sweden tames its ‘R number’ without lockdown | The Spectator

As it turned out, Sweden has had very few excess deaths, and their excess death rate was about one third of the US.

Sweden: death rate 2010-2020 | Statista

Sixty percent of Americans have chronic disease and twenty-five percent have multiple types of chronic disease.

COVID-19 Data Explorer – Our World in Data

What’s Driving Chronic Disease?

State and Regional Prevalence of Diagnosed Multiple Chronic Conditions Among Adults Aged ≥18 Years — United States, 2014 | MMWR

It has been known the first days of the plandemic that almost everyone dying had multiple chronic illnesses and that the average age of death was about the same as from all other causes.

99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says – Bloomberg

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4 Responses to The US Pandemic

  1. tom0mason says:

    These days if you protest that you’re not dead yet, you get a booster injection.

  2. spren says:

    The New York Times isn’t even suited for lining the proverbial bird cage. Anytime I see their byline on a story I know it is going to be a lie.

  3. dm says:

    2020 EXCESS MORTALITY in the US: BAD public policy kills

    Excess mortality was far higher among working age people than among people age 65 & older. The ratio of actual to expected deaths peaked at 1.289 for men 35-44 and 1.24 for women 35-44. The ratio for men aged 25-34 is 1.225. In contrast the ratio was 1.208 for those 65 & older (average for both genders)

    Factors OTHER than C19 caused more excess deaths amongst those age 15-44 than C19. Other factors killed 11x more males age 15-24, 4x more age 24-34 and 1.9x more age 35-44. Other factors killed 4x more females age 15-24, 2x more age 25-34 and 1.5x more age 35-44.

    source for the above:

    BAD public policy caused most of the excess deaths by other factors.

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