Will The World Act?

The Scotsman says sea level is rising faster and faster, and wants the world to act.

Cop26 climate change summit: Sea level rise is getting faster and faster. When the world act? – Scotsman comment | The Scotsman

Sea level in Scotland is nearly identical to 150 years ago.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

One thousand years ago, King Knut took his subjects to the sea to show them government doesn’t control sea level. Unfortunately the intellect of the human race has digressed since then.

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9 Responses to Will The World Act?

  1. Greg in NZ says:

    Two words: isostatic rebound. Shirley hexspurts at the IPCC understand basic Earth mechanisms? Yeah nah.

    Thankfully New Zealand, sitting astride the Pacific Ring Of Fire, is continuously being thrust UP above the lapping, peaceful, Pacific waves. Plus it’s a wee bit warmer than bonnie wee Scotland, och aye Jimmy! Except, like today, when FRIGID SNOW BLIZZARDS bury the South Island’s high country under feet/centimetres of gulag worming… in springtime no less.

    Warming? What warming!

    • Marko says:

      Snow has an R value of about 1. Get several inches of it, and you’ll be nicely insulated and read to get WARM. Plus, you may be able to, depending on the general level of lunacy of local official scum, pass off some that extra insulation as isolation and get a rebate on loss of personal freedoms and mental health.

  2. The depiction of King Canute isn’t quite accurate. He made his sycophantic courtiers stand in front of him as he faced out to sea, making sure many were up to their necks before the water reached his feet.

  3. Richard says:

    When the experts can predict killer thunder storms or killer wind storms, tornado’s and hurricanes – then maybe we should listen

    my best predictions are
    Tonight when sun goes down it will be dark, in the morning when the sun comes up it will be LIGHT – that is more accurate than the IPCC

  4. Michael Brown says:

    Hi Tony – doesn’t this graph in fact show about a 12cm increase in sea levels? It looks to me like they do have a point.

    • Rick Hubert says:

      Hard to read the graph accurately, but using your 12cm difference over 150 years = an average of .8mm/year. .8mm = ~1/32″. Per year. That figure is hardly cause for widespread panic and cause for concern.

      But the larger issue here is how the media and government is promoting wholesale panic with these continual claims that the world is about to be flooded. So if the sea level is actually rising @ 1/32″ per year is seems that we have plenty of time to adjust and cope with that. After all – humans are the only species capable of traveling to, and living in, any environment in the world.

      Another wild claim they continue to make is that humans are entirely responsible for a warming planet. But even many “experts” agree that CO2 is – at best – a very minor contributor to any global warming which may be happening. After all – with CO2 representing only .04% of our atmosphere it holds barely any significance – especially when all agree that water vapor is a much more robust greenhouse gas, therefore much more of a factor in any possible greenhouse warming. But we cannot control evaporation so it is never mentioned.

      Finally – back to sea level rise – one factor never ever mentioned in causes of any sea level rise are the amounts of sediment deposited into the ocean – continually. Hard to find precise data about this but soil & rock erosion from mountains and from all drainage plains which are carried by rivers into the ocean can be quite significant. One estimate was that there is a minimum of 13.5 billion tons of sediments flowing into oceans annually – with several bn tons more if there are any significant hurricanes or monsoons. Whatever the figure – ocean sedimentation has to be a contributor to any sea level rise. Nature cannot simply erode mountains and carry those sediments into the sea without pushing ocean levels higher.

    • Vegieman says:

      The point is that the “increase” in sea level like “climate change” have been known facts of the earth’s existence to those who seek truth. Those who “loveth and maketh a lie” will continue to twist truths into lies, hope into despair, life into death. Maranatha.

  5. Thomas Fowler says:

    It shows a very slight yearly increase but not an exponential increase, which is what the Scotsman’s headline would suggest.

  6. John Graham says:

    The NOAA graph show steady rate of increase. It doesn’t show a faster and faster rise.

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