1922 : Predictions Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse


In many parts of the world geologists find signs that seem to point to a time when the sea level was much higher than it is now. In British Columbia, along the Rocky Mountains, and the Andes, and on many mountain ranges of the Old World also are prehistoric sea beaches, all at an average of 1,000 ft. above the pre-sent margin of the sea.

The formation of ice is not equal at both Poles; the Antarctic ice-cap is much the more extensive and more massive, and, they hold, it is actually still increasing by evaporation from the immense sea areas of the Southern Hemisphere and condensation over the great ice-covered Antarctic continent. With ice ever forming above and a sea gradually growing warmer below, the process must eventually overbalance, the undermined glaciers disintegrate, and the ice-cap break up. Mountain after mountain of ice will fall into the sea, be swept northwards by the currents, and melt, thus bringing about, but at a much more rapid rate, the threatened inundation of the land by the rising of the sea to its ancient level. Conceivably some such breaking-up of a polar ice-cap has occurred once before since man appeared on the earth. The Biblical deluge and the almost universal story, common to the mythology or traditions of peoples in all parts of the world, of a world-wide flood may have had its origin in the melting of the ice at the Pole and the pouring toward the equator of the pent-up waters.

27 Apr 1922 – ANOTHER FLOOD – Trove

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