1922 : The World’s Greatest Problem – Not Enough CO2

One hundred years ago, scientists understood that a lack of CO2 in the atmosphere was limiting crop yields and called it the “world’s greatest problem.”

17 Mar 1922 – WORLD’S GREATEST PROBLEM. – Trove

Empirical evidence over the past century has confirmed their observations.

Crop Yields – Our World in Data

Meanwhile, academics are funded to make baseless claims which are the exact opposite of observational evidence.

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10 Responses to 1922 : The World’s Greatest Problem – Not Enough CO2

  1. Chris says:

    Obviously there is other factors besides higher CO2 levels that affected the massive increase in crop yields.

    • Timo, Not That One says:

      Like ever improving gasoline powered farm equipment?

    • Stuart Hamish says:

      Yes , improved crop varieties , bioengineering , increased precipitation, fertilizers, pesticides and disease controls , advances in farming technologies …….and salubrious warm weather …. Global cereal crop yields have soared since the 1960’s and nearly doubled this century from 2006 ….Just look at the United Nations FAO data …..Warmer temperatures are not threatening reductions in agricultural produce ..

  2. thurman Zhou says:

    looks like you got banned again. Not only that, you have to type in the exact web site, else it refers you to a wiki site.
    I think it’s referred to as Hoaxahagen. I remember the naive enthusiasm surrounding Hoaxahagen that all these countries were going to come together to solve the global warming crisis. As if all counties are at the same level as the US. Tin horn dictators and communist regimes are certainly interested in the money the US was willing to pony up to salvage corrupt and bankrupt regimes. And of course to fatten their pocketbooks. Left failed policies lead to more failed policies.
    Who knows whether the CCP really is installing windmills. It was celebrated that China was cutting back on coal fired plants a few years back. At the same time Australia blew up it’s last remaining coal fired plant. Smart move when China was building 200 more It wasn’t that China were cutting back, they had just planned to many.
    As if the US is the whole world. I don’t think anybody believes in Climate Change except ignorant and misled useful idiot Americans.
    A scientist from India asked me, ” How can you believe such a stupid thing?’ ( referring to Climate Change)
    I replied, ” I don’t, the media does. “

    • Graeme No.3 says:

      That was South Australia getting rid of its last (2) coal-fired plants.
      Since then they have relied on “renewables” except that they sometimes have 99% gas fired generation (if they cannot get any coal-fired from Victoria) and their electricity costs have increased.
      Victoria lost its oldest brown coal-fired plant more recently (it closed after the State Premier tripled the royalties they had to pay for coal).

  3. Timo, Not That One says:

    Did I just read “…four parts in every ten thousand parts of air…” regarding CO2 concentration?
    That would be 400ppm… in 1922.
    Well I suppose back then, they didn’t know how to read a thermometer either.

  4. Steve Case says:

    Predicting foos shortages due to increasing CO2 and a warmer climate is truly “The Big Lie” Why anyone believes it is a mystery.

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Yet David Attenborough at “Cop 26” says that C02 makes the air dirty and kills plants – and bureaucrats, politicians, corporate types and “scientists” all applaud like seals.

  6. Daniel Smeal says:

    Hundreds of studies (see Google Scholar) have shown that increased CO2 levels result in higher rates of photosynthesis, crop growth, economic yield, and water-use and nitrogen-use efficiencies for various different plants/crops. Commercial greenhouse growers routinely elevate the CO2 levels in their greenhouses up to 3 times ambient to increase yields – with no increase in temperature by the way.
    I have correlated crop yields with increased CO2 (using Our World in Data info) and indeed, there is a highly significant positive correlation between the two variables. But of course it is misleading as the effects of many other variables are omitted. But hey, isn’t this exactly what the corrupt climate scientists are doing when they imply that CO2 is the primary driving force for global warming?

  7. It only took a hundred years !
    Took Galileo’s idea to “officially catch on” 350 years……
    Garfield proved Lister was right the hard way.

    Help Plan for
    20 billion people & Global Warming & Cooling worth it…..

    Yield per acre or (heck even 2.4710538147 more) in Single Pane Cyprus Greenhouses
    Victory Gardens of the 22nd Century & Beyond ?
    Science is not just digits in their cloud it changes every day for the better of
    All Creatures Great & Small (even Humans we are the best of the best!)

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