Beaches Granted 80 Year Reprieve

Climate experts predicted most beaches would be gone by 2020. That didn’t happen, so in 2020 the beaches were granted an 80 year reprieve.

Scientists Say Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions – The New York Times

NBC News says Bondi Beach in Sydney is doomed.

Disappearing beaches: Climate change could wipe out half of the world’s sandy shorelines

The beach was invaded by aliens in 2019.

And to be fair, the Australian government has done their best to make Bondi Beach disappear.

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5 Responses to Beaches Granted 80 Year Reprieve

  1. Chris says:

    Not sure how beaches can remain the same size if all the tidal gauges show a steady (but yes, not CO2 related)increase in sea levels.

    • Trevor Boyce says:

      Seriously? Beaches are a result of wave/tide interaction between the water and land. The beaches will be the same size no matter what the water level. The interaction doesn’t stop when water level goes up or down, just the geographic location of that interaction.

      • Brancard says:

        “Same size” means in absolute terms, namely in reference to fixed, pre-determined geographical points.
        Another way to understand this is through the terms “beach erosion” and “beach accretion”: Does the shoreline at the beach move over the years, and in which direction – towards the land (erosion) or towards the water (accretion).
        What Tony has shown is that in many sandy beaches around the globe, one can observe beach accretion, which would have been impossible if sea level rose.
        This phenomenon is common in sandy beaches in New England, the area where I live.

    • John Francis says:

      The famous Mermaid Statue in Scandinavian harbor has same depth of water around it according to the oldest photos I believe. And in Constantinople, there’s a small castle in straits of Bosporus that shows same level compared with the oldest.
      I laugh that on New Jersey shore, every square foot of land is developed and could this tremendous weight compress the sand and gravel ? Building your house on sand. Hmm, Parable comes to mind. No bedrock in south jersey until near Delaware River. I downloaded a cut away years ago. Maybe things are sinking if higher water level is observed.

  2. patrick healy says:

    I much prefer the1989 picture!

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