Christmas Message From The Bidens

Here in Wyoming we are the least injected state and cases are rapidly declining towards zero.

Wyoming COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

But the press isn’t reporting this, instead they want people to believe that uninjected are 4X as likely to die.

Wyoming Reports 24 More COVID-19 Deaths

This statistic is very misleading, because a large percentage of the deaths they are reporting occurred during last winter when there wasn’t an injection available. The curves for last winter and this year are nearly identical and don’t indicate that injections had any benefit. The vast majority of deaths were elderly people with underlying health conditions.


“Covid Infection Statistics” – Google Search

The good news though is that the vaccine map corresponds closely with the election map, so this is a self-correcting problem.

Wyoming Election Results – The New York Times

Biden is using the identical tactic as the German socialists, telling the public that the target of his hatred spreads disease and needs to be quarantined.

Deceiving the Public | Holocaust Encyclopedia

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