Climate Spawns Critters

Berkeley experts say there are too many coyotes in town due to fires caused by climate change.

Effects of Climate Change: How Global Warming Forces Wildlife into Cities – Bloomberg

Sixty years ago, Berkeley experts said there were too few coyotes in town because of hunting, trapping and poisons.

08 Jun 1964, 17 – The York Dispatch at

On this date in 1943, there were catastrophic fires in Berkeley – apparently not caused by climate change.

09 Dec 1943, Page 1 – The Daily Chronicle at

h/t Don Penim

And today the New York Times reports there are too many bison in Yellowstone.

900 Bison at Yellowstone Are Targeted for Removal – The New York Times

The extinction rebellion is difficult to keep up with.

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2 Responses to Climate Spawns Critters

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    Coyotes, the horrible beasts, have killed many of our family’s dog and cats, and puppies. With their incessant yapping, it’s almost like they’re taunting you. If they really would disappear because of “climate change,” then I would say that climate change is good.

    Btw, there’s a neighbor I have in Big Bear, who comes up here only occasionally, he’s always putting out a whole ton of fish scraps and dog kibbles for the coyotes. I feel like telling him off, but he’s such a nice man, and I want to have good neighborly relations.

    But that’s a huge reason why coyotes are running rampant — people are feeding them like never before.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Twenty-five years ago, coyotes came into Yosemite Village at night and roamed the garbage cans. I had to stop my four-year-old daughter from trying to pet one that came within a few yards of us as we returned to our cabin. When I was a kid, at night, they would come up to within a few hundred yards of the houses in the village we lived in and when I slept on my grandparent’s farm they often sounded like they were within a few yards of the house. My grandfather seemed to know when they were close by the barking of the dogs, and he would sit, watching out the window, with his shotgun across his lap to see if they came up to confront the dogs, which they seemed to know better than to do. I really like their high-pitched yipping. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
    The reason they come into town is that no one shoots them like in the old days. I have an old picture of a farm fence with a coyote nailed to each fence post, a total of about 25, maybe more.

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