Experts Discuss The Arctic

ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee wrote a wildly fraudulent climate horror story as her Christmas present to the world, based entirely on appeals to authority.

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9 Responses to Experts Discuss The Arctic

  1. Scissor says:

    Tony, you missed the grass fires in East Boulder, Superior and Louisville that began today. They were sparked by high winds downing power lines. Hopefully, rain and snow come soon.

    Climate change will be blamed of course.

  2. rah says:

    Here we go again Tony. Someone at DMI saying we’re too dumb to understand their data on the SMB of Greenland. Can you clear this one up?

  3. rah says:

    I was watching ‘Life Below Zero’ and of course the commercials include one from the WWF showing a polar bear standing on a piece of floating ice declaring climate change is destroying their homes. Actual surveys show that the polar bear populations have been growing in recent years. But that doesn’t stop the WWF from wanting you to make a monthly donation to “symbolically adopt” a polar bear cub. What simple minded drivel. But apparently it works.

  4. rah says:

    And this time about the western ice shelf of Antarctica. Anyone that has been paying attention to this stuff for years knows the program. Always this time of year articles will start appearing claiming that ice shelf is going to detach any time now with terrible consequences. Never mind that Antarctica had it’s coldest record since continuous records began in 1956. Never mind that anyone paying attention knows that there is significant volcanic activity under the surface of this ice shelf. They just keep recycling the SOS year after year after year.

    Doomsday glacier: Experts raise alarms about cracking Antarctic ice shelf.

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      Meanwhile Antarctica just had the coldest 6 months on record, but now they are blabbering about the current warm spell, in the middle of the summer

    • Jean-Marc says:

      Yes my friend. You should have seen the young scientist who is a star on his YouTube site ( don’t remember his name) when he was torturing the logic in order to demonstrate that even if sea ice has extended there was big melting on ground! Supposedly when water from the grown was touching the sea it was beginning to frost and then extend the sea ice coverage!😂
      With an average temperature of minus 56 Celcius it must be melting a lot, a lot, a lot!

  5. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    Sorry about the OT post, but I am looking at the raging wildfire going on in Boulder, CO and was just wondering about your old home? Would you have been involved in that if you had not relocated to Wyoming? What about the wetlands?

    For all of us who followed you and your adventures in Boulder, your photography and efforts to preserve the wetlands, I imagine quite a few folks would be interested in a Boulder update.

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