He’s Not A Scientist, But He Plays One In The Comics

In the comic books, Dr. Bruce Banner has seven PhD’s. And when he gets angry he turns green and saves the planet.

But in the real world he is just a clown.

11:38 AM · Dec 11, 2021

The press is running with their “longest tornado in history, which was caused by a one part per ten thousand increase in CO2 over the past century” story.  They are also saying December tornados are rare.

The NOAA tornado database shows 1,612 December tornadoes since 1950 which averages out to almost one tornado per December day. Strong to violent tornadoes were much more common in December prior to 1980.


The second longest known tornado in the US occurred on September 20, 1845. The track was 275 miles long – which was 56 miles longer than last week’s tornado.

Wayback Machine

The longest known tornado occurred on May 26, 1917 – covering 293 miles of Illinois and Indiana. That was seventy miles longer than this weekend’s tornado.

Illinois Tornadoes

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