No F5 Winter Tornadoes In The US For Fifty Years

The Washington Post says theF3 tornado over the weekend in Kentucky was caused by global warming.

9:55 PM · Dec 12, 2021

The US has been hit by six F5 winter tornadoes since 1950, the last ones occurring  fifty years ago.

1953-12-05	MS
1957-12-18	IL
1971-02-21	LA
1971-02-21	LA
1971-02-21	MS
1971-02-21	MS

The number of F3-F5 winter tornadoes has been declining in the US for 70 years.

1950-2019_all_tornadoes.csv (7.1 mb)

28 Feb 1971, 40 – The Odessa American at

Illinois was hit by an F5 tornado on December 18, 1957.

19 Dec 1957, Page 1 – The Daily Standard at

The day before the tornado the National Weather Service wrote about an F3 tornado which hit Kentucky in 1952,

5:00 AM · Dec 9, 2021

On New Years Eve 1951, Barbourville, Kentucky was 79 degrees.

Bad weather caused the catastrophic loss of two military planes.

31 Dec 1951, 1 – The Lexington Herald at

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