The Center For Creating Digital Hate

Providing factual information about climate and exposing fraud is classified as “digital hate.”

Google still ran ads on climate denial, despite promising to stop – The Verge

I turned off Google Ads after they started sending me emails like this every day.

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8 Responses to The Center For Creating Digital Hate

  1. Lynne Balzer says:

    Hi Tony:

    Have you ever considered the following? Almost everyone seems to have forgotten what was going on in Congress when the proceedings were interrupted by the break in. But I have not forgotten.

    Despite what we’ve been repeatedly told, the members of Congress were not about to count the votes. No, they were just getting started with a debate about the validity of the ballots. As you may remember, there was a duplicate set of electors for each of the six contested states. They had fulfilled the rule that if just one congressman and one senator were willing to debate the issue, the debate would be held. Well, there WAS one congressman and one senator who WERE willing to do this, and they were taking the contested states in alphabetical order. They were just starting with Arizona when all hell broke loose.

    Then, after restoring order, what did Congress do? Did they resume the debates? Oh, no! They now had their perfect excuse not to continue with these debates, and instead they went immediately to the “opening and counting” of the ballots. Why doesn’t anyone seem to remember this?

    Thus, the Capitol break in was the perfect opportunity to bypass the debates, which might have gone on for days. Think about the timing. This could not have been an accident. Three conclusions can be drawn from this:

    (1) Donald Trump (and the American people) were the real losers from the break in. Since the debates were stopped as a result, this hurt Donald Trump and the American people terribly. This also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that President Trump could not have engineered the break in as he is being accused of doing. After all, why would any rational person want to interrupt a debate that could help him?

    (2) Obviously every member of Congress who has not been trying to make a point of this fact is in on what happened, even those people who supposedly are on our side. Has anyone in Congress actually made this point? If not, then they must all either be in on it or just afraid to speak out.

    (3) The fact that Congress didn’t continue these debates also backs up what we know: that what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, was a false flag. The enemies of the American people benefited from what happened.

    WHY has everyone apparently forgotten what was actually happening when the Capitol incursion took place? That is the key to everything.

    /Lynne Balzer

  2. arn says:

    Nice shirt.
    You should sell that stuff .

    (+ one shirt with ” I survived the global cooling scare “)

  3. Jessica Pohl says:

    A “GOEBBLES” T-shirt would be just as nice.

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