The Political Climate

Within hours of the tornado outbreak in Kentucky, the Biden administration was again using human misery to push their climate agenda.

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  1. John Niclasen says:

    Newest copy with “Total Wildland Fires and Acres” data going back to 1926 on Internet Archive dated 29-Jan-2021:

    Oldest copy of new site with data only from 1983 forward dated 1-Mar-2021:

    I live in Denmark. A lot of manipulation of data and fraud, the political agenda and their rhetorics, originate in USA, as I experience it. You need to eliminate this fraud in USA, and it will become a lot easier in other western countries to fight this nonsense. Your former president did a lot of good things, a lot. But the fight against scientific fraud needs to be in focus. This is the basis for a lot of bad politics and other problems.

    The progressive left / the totalitarian socialists / the communists change history and eliminate knowledge. One can maybe say, they are anti-conservatives. Eliminating knowledge, fighting scientists, have been seen before in history. It boggles me, that there isn’t a blockage against this yet implemented in western societies.
    It just goes on and on.

  2. GWS says:

    Yes, it always comes down to, why is Marxism even succeeding anywhere? And the answer is always the same – jealously and envy. Obama learned well how to exploit it – “A good community organizer knows how to find the people’s sore and then rub it raw.” Inflame that hatred any way you can, and misinformation (lying) is tool number one.

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