200 Million Climate Refugees

The billionaires at the World Economic Forum say there will be 200 million climate refugees unless the little people cut back on their lifestyle.


They also have exempted themselves from paying carbon taxes on their private jets and yachts.

EU draft exempts private jets, cargo from jet fuel tax | Argus Media


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7 Responses to 200 Million Climate Refugees

  1. I skimmed the report. Usual message – we clever people need absolute power to control the peasants and get rid of the useless eaters. Same message as before, and indeed since the publishing of that pile of BS ‘the Limits to Growth’ back in 1872 ; written by imbeciles who serve primarily to illustrate the Donning Kruger effect, and impresses morons.

    • Disillusioned says:

      …written by imbeciles who serve primarily to illustrate the Donning Kruger effect, and impresses morons.

      I don’t recall ever seeing the billionaire UN Agenda 2030 crowd, old climate seance-ists, and the Dunning-Kruger effect melded together in the same sentence. I think I hear a bell ringing. ;-)

  2. Sorry, I meant 1972,, but then the whole mountain of crap is based an Malthus back in 1820,

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Malthus, like Marx, did not understand the advantage that science (exercised through engineering) would give. Marxism curtails science by claiming that the stupid are equal in thought capabilities with the intelligent, and it always drives their system into the ground.

      • oldefarte says:

        The MODERN term for that notion (that the thoughts of the stupid are equal in value to the thoughts of the intelligent) is…


        “Equality”, if limited to “equality of opportunity”, is necessarily racist and colonialist/neo-colonialist. “Equity” rejects such results oriented thinking as oppressive. We can only advance, socially, morally, and spiritually, if we accept that such Western/White notions as “empiricism” and “logic” are not inherently – or practically – superior to notions based on faith and insight. One can, in fact, reach deeper truths and better results by trusting one’s gut and giving one’s brain a vacation. Trust me on that – I’ve had years of studying the intersectionality of gender, color, sexuality, race, and one’s reactions to various combinations of sound and light to support my theses and someday plan on getting a degree in something or other which will make it all official.

  3. arn says:

    200 mio is the number of people these billionaires want to import to western regions.
    (somehow not a single one of the muslim refugees bother to get to the Qatar,Saudi Arabia or other rich muslim countries)

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