A True Climate Prophet

The year 1905 had a lot of extreme weather and brought a catastrophic earthquake to India.

08 Apr 1905 – EARTHQUAKE IN INDIA. – Trove

08 Apr 1905 – EARTHQUAKE IN INDIA. – Trove

06 Jan 1906 – VOLCANIC ERUPTION. – Trove

07 Jan 1906, Page 38 – Star Tribune at Newspapers.com

During October 1905 a massive sunspot was discovered.

24 Jan 1906, Page 5 – Mower County Transcript at Newspapers.com

Parisian astronomer Abbe Moreaux predicted the earthquake using a theory he had about solar activity, and said earthquakes for March and April, 1906.

Page 1 [Newspaper Page] — Times Dispatch — 29 October 1905

On April 18, 1906 San Francisco was destroyed by an earthquake and fire.

21 Apr 1906 – Terrible Earthquake. – Trove

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Most of the damage was actually done by the fire.

Tent cities were set up to house the homeless.

18 Aug 1906 – RECENT EARTHQUAKE. – Trove

San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 | National Archives

This is what a tent city in San Francisco looks like now.

Amundsen completed his Northwest Passage voyage in 1906.

TimesMachine: March 9, 1907 – NYTimes.com

26 Jul 1905, Page 1 – The Topeka Daily Capital at Newspapers.com

graph.png (1130×600)

On January 6, 1906 Mildura, Victoria reached 124F (51.1C)  and on January 5 reached 123F – one year after reaching 122,5F.

08 Jan 1906 – THE HEAT WAVE – Trove

Papers Past | Newspapers | Colonist | 8 January 1906 | HEAT WAVE AUSTRALIA.

08 Jan 1906 – AT MILDURA. – Trove

06 Jan 1906 – THE HEAT WAVE. – Trove

On January 5, 1906 Mildura, Victoria reached 123F.

06 Jan 1906 – MILDURA FRUIT SEASON – Trove

As of 1995, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology recognized this record – but they have since erased all years before 1910.


Climate change and variability: Tracker: Australian timeseries graphs

They are hiding a lot of extreme weather prior to 1910.



23 Jan 1906 – BUSH FIRES. – Trove

The eastern US was having a heatwave at the same time. From January 21-23, 1906 twenty five states were over 70F and Donaldsonville, Louisiana was 96F.

LA 96
FL 85
NC 81
GA 80
AL 79
SC 79
KY 78
MS 78
OH 78
PA 78
AR 77
WV 77
NJ 76
TX 76
DE 75
VA 75
IN 74
MD 74
CA 73
OK 73
TN 73
MO 72
NY 72
IL 70
MI 70

27 Jan 1906 – Australian Climate. – Trove

07 Apr 1906 – THE WORLD DRYING UP. – Trove

23 Mar 1906, Page 5 – The Minneapolis Journal at Newspapers.com

In June, 1906 Abbe Moreaux predicted a lot of grief due to solar activity and cyclones..

04 Jun 1926, 144 – Daily News at Newspapers.com

The Florida hurricane of 1926 destroyed Miami and was the most expensive natural disaster in US history.

20 Sep 1926, 14 – Evening Courier at Newspapers.com


20 Sep 1926, 12 – The Vancouver Sun at Newspapers.com

20 Sep 1926, Page 1 – The Times at Newspapers.com

The Red Cross described 1927 as being the worst disaster year in their history, surpassing the previous record year in 1926.

25 Nov 1927, Page 7 – The News-Review at Newspapers.com

Then 1927 brought the worst floods on record to the Mississippi River Valley.

This was followed by a series of catastrophic tornadoes.

10 May 1927, 1 – The Boston Globe at Newspapers.com

10 May 1927, 1 – The Atlanta Constitution at Newspapers.com

13 Apr 1927, Page 1 – Corsicana Daily Sun at Newspapers.com

13 Apr 1927, 1 – Henryetta Daily Free-Lance at Newspapers.com

a tornado near Jasper, Minnesota, taken by Lucille Handberg on 8th July 1927

The Jasper Tornado

St. Louis was destroyed by a tornado.

The Pittsburgh Press – Google News Archive Search

A number of record heatwaves occurred in 1927, including a protracted one in September and October, which killed scores of people.

15 Sep 1927, 1 – The Gazette at Newspapers.com


Warsaw Union – Google News Archive Search

The end of October was record hot in the US, and as a cold front pushed across the US, a tropical storm moved up the Atlantic Coast. This led to the worst floods in Vermont’s history.

November 3 flooding wiped out more than 1,000 bridges in Vermont, and drowned the Lieutenant Governor.

Six years ago I lived near the Winooski River and rode past that spot every day.

In 1928, Abbe Moreaux predicted the Thames would freeze over that winter, and it did.

15 Feb 1929 – ICE AGE PREDICTION – Trove

20 Feb 1929 – ABBE’S PREDICTIONS. – Trove

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  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    That’s an interesting post. In 2010 I noticed a correlation between Earth facing solar coronal holes and larger earthquakes. I chatted about it on a facebook group and suggested a linkage with open field lines from the coronal holes (sketchy linkage idea). Ben Davidson read it and started his Suspicious Observers youtube channel with that idea. I also told Piers Corbyn, who I was working with at the time, he later claimed he had already thought of it. But after looking at larger sample of large quakes over the next few weeks, I saw that about a third had no Earth facing coronal holes, but nearly all of them were associated with a period of very slow solar wind speeds (of say 5-8 days). Which the Earth facing coronal holes are a good proxy for, the faster solar wind comes 3-4 days after the Earth facing position. Some of the large quakes occurred later on during the low solar wind speed period, and some occurred in the first couple of days of faster solar wind after the slow period. These correlations are active during sunspot cycle minimum when there may be zero sunspots.

  2. Thomas A says:

    What is the point of this article!? Why do you bring it?

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