Amsterdam To Drown in Eight Years

“Due to global warming, icebergs are rapidly melting, which is causing the global sea levels to gradually rise, putting many populated cities and tourist attractions at risk of going underwater by 2030.

Amsterdam is one of those cities. About one-third of the Netherlands lies below sea level, with the lowest point being 22 feet (6.7 meters) below sea level.”

Antarctica: 4 tourist spots to be submerged as ‘mega-iceberg’ releases 152 tonnes of water | Science | News |

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6 Responses to Amsterdam To Drown in Eight Years

  1. Peter says:

    If sea level rise will continue as is (+3mm per year), the sea near Amsterdam will have risen by a whooping 24mm (1 inch) by 2030. I am sure that the coastal flood defense system can handle that rise. :-p

  2. Biffle French says:

    Fill a glass with ice. Add water until water gets to the very top of the glass. Ice will float above the rim. Wait for the ice to melt and see how much water spills out. It is NONE! Archimedes knew this in 400 BC.

    Melting icebergs or melting ice sheets can’t change sea level by any amount.

  3. arn says:

    152 tons of water?
    I’m pretty sure that Greenland is losing 10* more ice on a hot day in a few seconds.
    That should be less than 40 acres losing the top 1mm of their surface if my math is right.

  4. Greg Raven says:

    This is about as believable as the story they promote next to it in the sidebar, which implies that Russia is going to invade Ireland any minute now.

  5. arn says:

    The dutch have been reclaiming land from the sea since the 14th century –
    this is far more skill than is needed to just protect themselves from a rising sea.
    Why should a sea level rise they are used to for centuries become a threat just in the era of high tech,where a dozen machines can do the weakly work of 1000 people in a few hours.

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