April 11, 1965 Tornado Outbreak

On April 11, 1965 hundreds of people died in tornadoes in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Arkansas. There was also severe flooding in the Midwest.

12 Apr 1965, Page 1 – The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune at Newspapers.com

12 Apr 1965, 22 – The Sault Star at Newspapers.com

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  1. Daniel Smeal says:

    Seeing this, I was trying to remember what year (in my life) the ‘Great Flood’ on the upper Mississippi occurred. It was 1993. You are no doubt familiar with this record on the history of lower MSR floods that I ran across. Interesting. Looks like the late 1800s/early 1900s were particularly active. https://www.weather.gov/lix/ms_flood_history

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