Cooking The Weather

Angry EPA ex-employees accuse Andrew Wheeler of creating bad weather.

Ex-EPA workers ask Virginia senators not to confirm Wheeler | AP News

They believe this is good for the environment.

The wind farms angering renewable energy fans – ABC News

And they believe this is bad for the environment.

Climate alarmists also believe the planet is being ravaged by floods and rising sea levels which is leading to a sixth mass extinction event.

Climate change bombshell as more than 500,000 lives ‘saved’ due to Britain’s mild winters | Science | News |

Sea level is rising less than 2mm/year. Which species can’t escape that?

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

There is no evidence floods are becoming worse.

List of deadliest floods – Wikipedia

During the 16th century climate alarmists believed witches were cooking the weather. They are more sophisticated now though and believe Republicans cause bad weather.

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5 Responses to Cooking The Weather

  1. Eli the Pi says:

    It’s going to take thousands of people freezing to death because of lack of energy before people wake up. But the media will spin it as proof of catastrophic climate change.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Wheeler sounds like the perfect candidate: Someone who actually analyzes the data instead of being spoon-fed by CNN. Can you get a degree in science by watching CNN? Apparently.

  3. GreyGeek says:

    So EPA bureaucrats who worked against Trump are against Wheeler because he used to push coal and he steered the EPA away from its Marxist tendencies. Imagine that.
    IF Wheeler had been a member of Earth First or Weatherman Underground he would have been lauded by those clowns.

  4. Francis Barnett says:

    Wind turbines are not popular around here near me in France either.

    “In line with the decision taken by the Council of State, on December 30, the prefect of Morbihan has just issued an order for the dismantling of the three wind turbines in the Nizio park, in Guern, near Pontivy. The epilogue of a thirteen-year-old dispute.
    Declared illegal by the courts, the three Nizio wind turbines have been in operation since 2008.
    Joël Mathurin, the prefect of Morbihan, ordered the dismantling of the three wind turbines in the Guern park, near Pontivy, declared illegal by the courts but still in operation. “Following the recent decision of the Council of State rejecting the summary appeal, the prefect decided, on January 6, 2022, to sign an order for the removal of the park (equivalent to dismantling)”, indicated the prefecture by email to AFP.
    The Nizio wind farm was commissioned in 2008 by the company SNC Parc éolien de Guern, after a building permit was issued in 2005 . and its impact on the natural environment,” explained their lawyer, Me Sébastien Collet.
    “Profit to the detriment of local residents”
    “It is a great satisfaction for local residents to see that court decisions are finally being respected,” he said. As the duration of a wind farm is 15 to 20 years, the multiplication of procedures has made it possible to operate the park for ten years and to make a profit to the detriment of local residents”, he nevertheless regretted. .
    In 2009, the residents had obtained in court the cancellation of the building permit, decision confirmed in cassation, in 2012, “for reasons of public safety because of a risk of projection of two blades on two dwellings”, specifies the prefecture .
    In 2013, the prefect had refused the operator’s request for regularization, the new rules for the location of wind turbines imposing a minimum distance of 500 meters from homes.
    “It was only in December 2019 (…) that the Council of State confirmed the illegality of the administrative situation of the Guern wind farm”, continues the prefecture. In April 2020, the prefect then gave notice to the operator to regularize his situation, which implied a cessation of activity or the purchase of the houses located within the perimeter of 500 meters.
    The operator, who contested the decree and continued his activity, was imposed a penalty payment of €1,000 per day of delay in May 2021. ”

    These monstrosities are about a couple of miles from my house, so I shall be watching with interest and my camera when the extremely expensive dismantling starts, estimated at €200,000 each turbine (a euro is about a dollar).
    They will also have to remove the massive concrete foundations.

  5. Daniel Smeal says:

    And of course let’s not forget the great Johnstown (PA) flood that occurred in 1889.
    Have these foolish demos already forgotten about the I95 snow that could have killed hundreds had they been driving electric vehicles.

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