Creating Records By Erasing The Past

EarthSky | Australia ties its hottest temperature on record

Western Australia recorded the same temperature this week in 1906. Victoria recorded a higher temperature earlier in January 1906. Queensland and New South Wales recorded much hotter temperatures in 1889 and 1877.


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology made all of these temperature records disappear by hiding temperature data before 1910.

Climate change and variability: Tracker: Australian timeseries graphs

The same week in 1906 when Western Australia set their temperature record the eastern US was having an impressive heatwave.

LA 96
FL 85
TX 83
NC 81
MS 80
SC 80
AL 79
GA 79
KY 78
OH 78
OK 78
PA 78
AR 77
WV 77
MO 76
NJ 76
IL 75
TN 75
VA 75
IN 74
MD 74
DE 73
KS 72
NY 72
CA 71
NM 71
MI 70

Temperatures that week were 40-50 degrees warmer than this week.

T1_conus.png (515×424)

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