Creating Records By Erasing The Past

EarthSky | Australia ties its hottest temperature on record

Western Australia recorded the same temperature this week in 1906. Victoria recorded a higher temperature earlier in January 1906. Queensland and New South Wales recorded much hotter temperatures in 1889 and 1877.


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology made all of these temperature records disappear by hiding temperature data before 1910.

Climate change and variability: Tracker: Australian timeseries graphs

The same week in 1906 when Western Australia set their temperature record the eastern US was having an impressive heatwave.

LA 96
FL 85
TX 83
NC 81
MS 80
SC 80
AL 79
GA 79
KY 78
OH 78
OK 78
PA 78
AR 77
WV 77
MO 76
NJ 76
IL 75
TN 75
VA 75
IN 74
MD 74
DE 73
KS 72
NY 72
CA 71
NM 71
MI 70

Temperatures that week were 40-50 degrees warmer than this week.

T1_conus.png (515×424)

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3 Responses to Creating Records By Erasing The Past

  1. Nancy Allen says:

    Thank you again ! This is off topic, but appreciate your opinion. Been looking at videos of the underwater “ volcanic “ explosion. Something just doesn’t right. I have run into discussion ( on a Russian site ? ) that discusses that this was in fact an underwater atomic missile explosion – part of the Russian Poseidon program ? Opinion ?

  2. Tel says:

    Modern electronic thermometers are faster than the old mechanical min/max thermometers. This makes them able to detect transient peaks.

    None of the min/max recorded on Mercury is directly comparable to min/max recorded electronically.

    • JimK says:

      “None of the min/max recorded on Mercury is directly comparable to min/max recorded electronically.”
      If they are faster, they would show short duration peaks better and thus read higher, so a tied reading probably actually means the old record was actually warmer.

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