Evidence Free Science

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  1. Peter Carroll says:

    I can remember in the 1960’s, whenever there was a drought, flood, typhoon, hurricane or even earthquakes, they were all caused by, “THE BOMB”!
    Atmospheric and subterranean nuclear testing was all the rage, for any nation that had, “THE BOMB”, so naturally, that had to be the cause.
    No evidence was required, only sensationalist headlines in the press and on the radio or TV.
    Sixty years later we are still being driven like lemmings, by sensationalist but totally unsupported, media stories.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    I remember Dr. Ehrlich addressing us undergraduates in the late ’60 in Adelaide, South Australia. “The World couldn’t feed 2.5 billion people”.
    Now we have over 3 times as many and the percentage starving is less. So much for the Malthusiam believers.
    As Henry George noted “Kites and humans eat chickens: the more kites the less chickens, the more humans, the more chickens.”

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    While I don’t consider myself to be a particularly ‘Godly’ person, you must admit, there is a certain amount of ‘creativity’ to life and the evolution of man. Carbon dioxide, arguably the most important compound of life, resulted in life that became stored for us (in the form of fossil fuels) and was responsible for the evolution of modern civilization. Now, it’s rise in the atmosphere is resulting in (along with slightly increasing temperature) the production of more food to feed the increasing population. Seems to be a natural (or divine) balance occurring that will contribute to human evolution – unless the ignorance of man screws it up.

  4. David G says:

    Excellent post Tony, thank you. Humans have exhibited apocalyptic thinking for thousands of years of course, and I sometimes wonder what the next “apocalypse” will be after the climate change thing fades in interest (notwithstanding that the international elites will push hard on CC for as long as they can).
    And hey everyone, please support Tony in his work with a donation!
    David G

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