Freezing In His Tesla

6:28 PM · Dec 27, 2021

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15 Responses to Freezing In His Tesla

  1. Rah says:

    Stupid is what stupid does.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    I phone batteries fade very quickly in cold weather as well. Imagine a battery pushing a 3,000 pound vehicle in really cold weather.
    Not going to happen for long. Turn the heat pump on, kill the battery

  3. Torgo says:

    “Model Y in the SC”
    SC=South Carolina?

  4. Gamecock says:

    Performing the sacraments will not get you into Heaven if you whine.

  5. Timo, Not That One says:

    I remember when “supercharger” meant you had a big old Roots blower mounted on top of your 426 Hemi.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Don’t worry! You spent a lot of money on it, so you’re good people, and everyone will praise you when your bodies thaw out next spring.

  7. So it didn’t occur to those geniuses that chemical reactions are affected by temperature? I suppose that is consistent with the incompetence which promotes anthropogenic global warming.

  8. Jimd1958 says:

    Hahahaha, Frozen Fools.
    I’m sure there are lots of charging stations in The Battlefords on the way to Saskatoon. Oh maybe on the road to Flin- Flon,MB.

  9. oldefarte says:

    Know what story you are NOT reading right now (posted 1/15/22)? You are NOT reading about all those commuters in Virginia who are driving (or, maybe, “were driving”) electric vehicles when the snowstorm hit. Oh, for sure, there were people out there in gasoline powered vehicles who took off with under an 8th of a tank and couldn’t run their car to keep warm because of “lack of foresight”, but, ya’ know, you could siphon some gas from a friendly fellow driver. You could walk to a gas station near the freeway and get a can of gas. And, of course, if you had the foresight to have a nearly full tank, you’re probably still able to turn your vehicle on long enough to keep from freezing. BUT there is NOBODY out there in their Prius or Tesla who isn’t out of juice and there isn’t a single extension cord snaking off the freeway to plug in some vehicle’s charger. Lot of cold people out there in their electric vehicle and theirs isn’t even defective. Those folks aren’t freezing because of a design flaw but because of a design and all the sympathy in the world ain’t gonna warm ’em up. Fortunately, it will probably be a short winter, what with global warming and all… Just sit tight, folks, and think warm thoughts.

  10. Tom in Oregon City says:

    In the early 70s, I remember walking past a VW parked on the street in Hanover, NH, during a sub-zero cold night with a light snowfall. The flakes sizzled and evaporated when they hit the top of the car, because its owner left the separate GAS cabin heater on, not wanting to return to a freezing car — probably from the computer center a few steps away. Ah, the bliss of “fossil fuels”, augmented by just enough electricity to power the fan.

    Small generator, 1000w heater, and a few gallons of gas might just save a life, if folks get over the idea that the world will soon be all palm trees and orange groves.

  11. James Henry says:

    No, no, you don’t understand. The technology that makes batteries competitive with the ICE is just around the corner. With enough taxpayer subsidies, the technology will improve. Like, any time now.

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