Is The Press Emerging From Their Medically Induced Coma?

“DOUBLE-JABBED Scots are now more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated”

Covid Scotland: Case rates lowest in unvaccinated as double-jabbed elderly drive rise in hospital admissions | HeraldScotland

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10 Responses to Is The Press Emerging From Their Medically Induced Coma?

  1. Rockwood says:

    Makes sense when 99% of the most elderly in government run institutions are shot up (guess they don’t have to worry about long-term effects eh…. grrrr). My 89 year old father who is sadly in a long-term care home in Quebec of all places, tested Covid positive end of 2020 with minimal to no symptoms, has had 3 jabs, a fourth for the “flu”, has probably been tested 50 times, he is locked in his room, no one is allowed to visit, he is alone and scared and not getting the health care he needs as a human being. Residents are being isolated like animals in a zoo yet there are still ongoing cases through out the facility. You think he is the lucky one????
    Morons not only are running the system, they are destroying it and everyone in its path……….

    • Rockwood says:

      And in consideration of a separate thread on this website about the side effects of the jab and how safe they are (LOL), my father suffered a heart event last October following his second shot with subsequent diagnosis related to myocarditis. I mean if this was because of what’s in the jab or the way the jab was administered, would you not think someone should be held responsible… I mean the poo we have been going through since then???? wow and in Quebec, its unbelievable. Ya know, too many experts that know nothing and spread nothing but nothing……..

    • Disillusioned says:

      Morons not only are running the system, they are destroying it and everyone in its path……….

      They are being paid very well to run the system in this manner.

      I mean if this was because of what’s in the jab or the way the jab was administered, would you not think someone should be held responsible…

      They have that covered, at least in the U.S. For vaccines, BigPharma lobbied for and received immunity from prosecution and lawsuits and cannot be held responsible. I don’t know about Canada.

      I am sorry what they are doing to your dad.

  2. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    So for the OT, but this article is about your “favorite” (lol) science journal. You have to read it to believe it:

    The Shameful Decline Of Scientific American

    “Through the recognition of white empiricism, a bifurcated logic that serves white supremacist traditions in science while deontologizing marginalized Black women physicists, I propose that the Black feminist theory intersectionality should change physics — and not just through who becomes a physicist but through the actual outcomes of what we come to know.”

    They might as well rename the magazine to Pseudo-Scientific American and if they published this, God only knows what they will publish next. (sigh)

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I love the way they come up with language that describes their fantastical phenomena.
      Bifurcated-You mean like 1 and 0, binary system upon which all modern electronics is built. How about right and wrong? Correct and incorrect?
      Deontologizing marginalized Black women physicists: Who is she? I never heard of her.
      Black feminist theory intersectionality ???
      All of this is why Marxism never works. They have fantastical ideas about how the world should work if their belief system were correct and, of course, it is not, because nature just never goes along with them.
      It would be great to find some other way of logic, but until someone proposes something that works, it’s best to continue along the line that has raised humanity’s existence consistently over the last 500 years or so. Science is often mathematically detailed and complex. It doesn’t render itself to the color privileged socially promoted. Possibly the deontologizing marginalized black woman physicist, whoever she is, should pick another area of study.

    • arn says:

      The most interesting thing here is once again the “sudden discovery of a brandnew superobvious truth while turning everything upside down” – which is the essence of marxism.

      For millions of years we had much higher levels of co2 and there never ever was a runaway effect,but now there is and all experts agree.
      ( because some god in the USA declared a new truth)

      For thousands of years of human culture there never was any kind of genderism
      on earth,but now there is – and all experts agree.
      ( because,once again, some god in the USA declared a new truth by claiming that gender is a made up thing but the artificial genderism is not )

      For hundreds of years the only universal language was science,observing and explaining the world with logic (the used symbols may differ but methodology,conclusion and results were the same )
      but now all of a sudden science is a vehicle of white supremacy.
      Not a single of thousands of high IQ foreign scientists all around the world ever realised that white people highjacked,falsified and instrumentalised science to their advantage, (and it seems to the disadvantage of black women, which does not even make sense as black women probably contributed the least to science and supremacist would target their biggest enemies/competition and not the group that poses no threat to their supremacy)
      – but all of a sudden some god,
      most probably from the USA ,
      discovered this new truth.
      (throw the words white supremacy,feminist and intersectionality into a text and you are a scientist )

      For decades vaccines used to be a voluntary thing,something that stimulates the immune system and needs 10 years to be developed,
      but some god in the USA , a very senile one, declared that vaccines are mandatory and only need 10 month of testing,
      and governments in the western world instantly accepted the new reality.

      If we go to extinction
      we will find dozens of apocalyptic predictions.
      These predictions have 2 things in common

      They all failed.
      They are all made in USA – probably by the same god who redefined gender,science,vaccines.

      Now how probable is it that out of 200 countries in the world always one and the same country
      has the competence to discover all this amazing stuff and redefine reality and laws throughout the world.

  3. arn says:

    Seems a new vaccine is about to be released.
    The shop safe act.(it’s once again in the name of safety )
    A strategy to further monoplize online shopping for ebay ,amazon etc and invade privacy
    by using the same strategy that was used during the banking crisis to get rid of competition by regulating the small banks out of business.

    This amazon monopol act was not directly sponsored by Bezos.

  4. GreyGeek says:

    Short answer: No. They are carrying water for the Marxists who want to destroy our Republic because THEY want to destroy our Republic as well. Izzy Stone, Dan Rather and Walter Conkrite are not “impractical dreamers”, they are examples of Marxist lobbyist.
    Cronkite says that Americans will have to “give up some of their sovereignty”. To whom, you might ask? Why, to self elected (even by mail-in ballots) elites who deem themselves above the common man and the rules they send down to enforced by the only ones with guns — their henchmen.

  5. Bpm says:

    Well this comes as no surprise to me as it can explain why countries are demanding vaccination because if 60% are vaccinated and 40% are not the unvaccinated don’t get problems but the vaccinated do you must come to the conclusion that it’s the vaccination but if the difference is say 98% too 2% harder to blame “vacation”

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Bobby Kennedy addresses that point in his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”. About $3 on a kindle or other reader device. Loaded with info. If you really want to be informed, it forms a great basis to start from.

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