It Is A Physical Principle

When a climate alarmist claims “basic principles” – you can be 97% certain you are hearing junk science and propaganda.

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  1. arn says:

    What kind of basic principle is it to ignore the climate gates,
    to ignore that the predicted sea level rise failed,
    to ignore that the arctic ice is still there – just as the polar bears.
    To ignore that ALL apocalyptic predictions failed 100% – be it climate or whatever and don’t exist outside of the realm of marxist intellectuals just like commie utopia.

    The basic principle why all these apocalyptic predictions failed (visit “extinction” if you want to know many of those predictions exist for how long people are being systematically terrorized with them by ‘expert’)
    is,that almost all of them ,by some strange coincidence,are made in USA.

    It seems that out of 200 countries only one has the scientists to predict Armageddons(and the rest of the world is supposed to follow just as with wars,woke agendas,Faucism etc)
    and the more oftem they fail the more superior and authoritarian they become.

    • GWS says:

      I am so disappointed in the Europeans and other English speaking countries for not seeing the idiocy of America and not heading off in their own ways. America is running aground and you guys are following? Look at Australia and New Zealand; it’s like they want to outdo every idiocy. China and Russia and Iran are laughing at us. Global hysteria will kill us all. Let’s get a grip.

      • arn says:

        I am not disappointed,as it was what I really expected.
        Americans pull something out of their butts (what is usually unleashed on their own population via California and New York )
        and we will follow like dogs,be it wars,hippie/woke movement,AGW,anti tobacco laws,mass immigration,islam appeasement etc etc etc .
        Therefore i was not surprised.
        Once you know about the catastrophic results of the milgram experiment,the Stanford prison experiment and especially the Solomon Ashe conformity experiment you will no longer be surprised,
        no matter how good the education and how big the brains of the population are.

        The only thing that really disappointed me is that Israels population didn’t gave a shit about poisoning their children.
        I really thought that with a certain education and historical background and the fact that covid does not affect children and that the vaccine is neither a vaccine nor was really tested that there would be more resistance,but even then nothing happened.
        Seems i was still too naive and underestimated the scale of compliance.
        As Bertrand Russell predicted :” States will brainwash their populations to that point that they’ll believe snow is black if told so by authorities”

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    They failed with mask and vaccines. Despite the fourth vaccine in Israel and near 100% compliance, they are shattering more records. This is truly a pandemic of the vaccinated. (Classic example of ADE)
    “But they never said you wouldn’t get Covid, it just keeps you out of the hospital” LOL, they CLEARLY sold us a BS product, and fully 3/4 the hospitalizations are vaccinated. But the fear porn increases. The head of the Memphis health dept said yesterday “people don’t realize the chance of dying from omicron is extremely high…..the chance of being hospitalized is extremely high…get vaccinated”
    The hospitals are even lying about the data. Half the people with Covid in the hospital merely tested positive. They are in for other reasons. Fauci even said the same (probably a slip) but the government pays hospitals for “Covid patients” even though that’s not the reason they are there in the first place. Just print the money and hand it over to the hospital elite and big pharma.
    And the next liberal that says “they never said the vax would prevent you from getting sick” …..well here you go

  3. Richard says:

    Wondering where the die hard reporters are like Woodward & Bernstein to break out of mainstream BS and crack the lid open on the FAKE GW Scam

    • arn says:

      Those die hard reporters went 4 years with all the lies about Trump incl the russian collusion and protected warcriminal Biden and his son and pedo Clintons and their bodycount at the same time.
      Before that they covered up all Obama scandals and crimes.

      It seems they(including Bernstein&Woodward)no longer exist.

  4. Orwell noted that “The peculiarity of the totalitarian state is that though it controls thought, it does not fix it. It sets up unquestionable dogmas, and it alters them from day to day.” Orwell, Literature and Totalitarianism Vol 2 p. 136. As soon as you cater to the enemy’s terms by also switching from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change,” you lose, as Petr Beckmann pointed out.

  5. Russell Cook says:

    One more tangential thing, illustrating how disingenuous the AGW side is. Tony mentions the “Inside Climate News” organization, which many also know as the outfit that blessed the world with alleged 2015 news about how “Exxon Knew” its products cause AGW. Enviro-activists everywhere tout this organization as an unbiased news outlet. However, ICN was not always their name, and their name switch to that one revealed their inherent advocacy bias which they apparently felt needed burial. Witness these two links for the same article, where they went so far as to change the url address.

    Back in 2010, the ‘news’ of how you ‘solve climate’ was to champion lawyers who accused oil companies and skeptic climate scientists of colluding to spread disinformation.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Yeah, that guy really didn’t seem to have a handle on his psychrometry. “Air just below freezing holds more water, therefore more snow. ”
    The slope for saturated air begins to flatten near the freezing temperature, so an increment in temperature has less effect on the amount of water in the air in that region of the psychrometric chart.

  7. Disillusioned says:

    David Robinson, New Jersey State Propagandist…. you just got pwned!

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