“It Is A Physical Principle”

The New Jersey State Climatologist says heavy snows there were caused by global warming – “It is a physical principle.

This is the exact opposite of what IPCC and New Jersey government predicted.

IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change 2001 – Complete online versions | GRID-Arendal – Publications – Other

NJDEP Environmental Trends Report- Climate Change

Ski areas always get more snow at higher elevations, because the air is colder.

Mountain Dashboard

We have a winter storm warning today with heavy snow and very cold temperatures.

Cheyenne, WY Severe Weather Alert | Weather Underground

New Jersey has a long history of severe snowstorms.

The Great Blizzard of 1888 May Have Been The Worst Snowstorm Ever In New Jersey

29 Jan 1897, 1 – The News-Journal at Newspapers.com

08 Mar 1899, Page 1 – The Leavenworth Times at Newspapers.com

02 Mar 1941, Page 27 – The Minneapolis Star at Newspapers.com

I spent March 2018 in Philadelphia – it was the coldest and snowiest on record.

The number of above freezing winter days is about the same as 70 years ago.

The number of heavy snowfalls is the same as 120 years ago.

New Jersey winter snowfall varies inversely with temperature.

The warmest winter was 1932, when the Lake Placid, NY Olympics almost had to be cancelled due to a lack of snow.

16 Jan 1932, Page 1 – The Los Angeles Times 

Addison, New York was 74 degrees on January 14, 1932.


Climate alarmists have been predicting the end of winter for decades. When their predictions failed, they reversed them and said they predicted it all along.

With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New York Times

The Washington Post predicted seven years ago that cherry blossoms would start blooming in January.

Could cherry blossoms one day be blooming in winter? – The Washington Post

The New Jersey climatologist is a political hack.  Real climatologists like David Legates who was Delaware State Climatologist get run out of their jobs.

War on NOAA? A Climate Denier’s Arrival Raises Fears the Agency’s Climate Mission Is Under Attack | InsideClimate News

Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in 18 years.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

The summer of 2020 was just about average.

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10 Responses to “It Is A Physical Principle”

  1. Interesting argument. When it gets warm, due to global warming, the moisture content is high, so that as it gets cold again, due to global warming, there is more precipitation. I think, sir all you are witnessing is the precarious stability of the integration algorithm in your duff climate model.

  2. arn says:

    Whatever happened to the physical principle that snow is a thing of the past and that endless droughts are the new normal?
    This principle must have expired yesterday and was replaced by something new – and it will stay forever that way – until the next summer and the next drought.

    As we see neolysenkoism scientists can not get their lies straight on the most basic things but are trying to explain climate with complex models.
    The only physical principle that can be seen here is that parasitic science will do anything to survive.

  3. Mike Dee says:

    Somebody please tell the climatologist about the jetstream!

  4. william says:

    Off -piste your old house in Philly looked lovely, what was its history?

  5. Daniel Smeal says:

    OMG! Get out the hip boots – the BS is getting deeper than the snow.
    If global warming were real, this just demonstrates another benefit from it. Especially here in the west where the more snow we get in the mountains – the more fresh water we will have available this coming growing season from our downstream reservoirs. Bring it on – it is a blessing.

  6. Jeff L. says:

    The NOAA has a “mission” other than collecting/analyzing/reporting data? The article would seem to indicate that they have some sort of mission related to AGW/climate change advocacy. So much for objectivity.

  7. just a thought says:

    Saying the exact opposite of the truth is what charlatans do. It’s a physical principle.

  8. Lynne Balzer says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful information. My daughter lives in southern Maryland, and she said they got 13 inches. But their temperature went down to 15 degrees. That’s quite a bit below freezing. So that conflicts with the “physical principle” in the article you posted. Lower temperatures don’t mean less snow.


  9. Bob Gutjahr says:

    My college in northeastern Ohio seemed to attract an unusual number of students from New Jersey. Every winter these people would talk about snowstorms back home dropping buckets of snow.

    On the other hand, I guess this explains why it never snows in Antarctica. ;o)

  10. Ulric Lyons says:

    The events in the 1880-1890’s were during the previous centennial solar minimum, which was bound to see an increase in the negative Arctic Oscillation episodes which the snowstorms depend on.

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