Junk Science Makes The Future Of Journalism Non-Existent

The Associated Press has determined from a single outlier that cross-country skiing is doomed.

For the first time in 32 years, organizers of the Yellowstone Ski Festival in West Yellowstone, Mont., had to cancel November’s traditional start-of-the-ski-season event due to a lack of snow.

Climate change makes the future of Nordic skiing uncertain | Ap | santafenewmexican.com

Snow has been steadily increasing at Yellowstone for 70 years.


There has been no trend in Utah snow.

Alta Snowfall by Month – Utah Avalanche Center

Autumn and winter snow cover has been increasing in North America.

NorAm Winter

NorAm Fall

Ninety years ago the Lake Placid, NY Olympics almost had to be cancelled because there was no snow.

15 Jan 1932, 26 – The Boston Globe at Newspapers.com

16 Jan 1932, Page 1 – The Los Angeles Times 

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12 Responses to Junk Science Makes The Future Of Journalism Non-Existent

  1. GWS says:

    The sun went below the horizon today and we may never see it again, experts say. They blame its disappearance on mankind’s refusal to change its ways.

  2. TimC says:

    As I’m reading this excellent post I’m looking out my front window, watching my neighbor across the street shovel several inches of non-existent snow out of his driveway. I don’t know why he bothers. The snow plow hasn’t come through yet, and it’s still snowing steadily, as the forecast says it will all day. He will just have to shovel again tomorrow. Oh well, he’s probably just bored.

  3. Steven J Goldman says:

    The movie “Idiocracy” is now a documentary.

  4. Scott K Jonas says:

    Interestingly, I did cross country skiing, ski races, and ski camps in all of those places in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The snow conditions were quite variable from one location to the next and one year to the next. My teams often went to West Yellowstone Montana during Thanksgiving for ski camps, because it was the best place for early season snow. It was often the coldest place in the US too. Brrrr. I’ve noticed many years now, that the west coast offshore storms often get pushed up into British Columbia and Alaska, then get pushed back down in the midwest, so many areas on the west coast and inland don’t get as much snow some months so can seem drier than normal.

  5. GreyGeek says:

    The artificial snow making machines were patented in 1952. They have been helping out Mother Nature every year, in some location, ever since. Even during the “Global Cooling”/”Nuclear Winter” scare of the 70s, the first major attempt by the Marxists to scare Americans into giving up “some” of their Constitutional rights for greater “security” created by a command and control structure ruled from the top by them.

  6. Kevin P says:

    I have been skiing for 45 years and in my opinion snowmaking systems at resorts are mostly useless. They do help to establish early season cover on access trails that connect lifts and lodges, however they do very little to change the fate of a single resort’s season. In drought years the snowmaking systems barely help, and in heavy winters they are not needed. I would challenge resorts to save the money.

  7. Daniel Smeal says:

    I’ve began a new policy: anytime I’m reading an article and it attributes some weather anomaly to ‘climate change’, I consider it to be illegitimate and I don’t take it seriously.

  8. Scott Allen says:

    Interesting that the ski industry, that depends so much on carbon based, fossil fuel products to get the patrons of the ski industry to their lodges and slopes (to spend money) now complain that those same carbon emitting vehicles are leading to the demise of their industry. Not to mention all the oil based plastics products that go into the skis, coats, pants, gloves,boots.

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    I love the reporters very astute observation that, the snow isn’t piling up as much, or as far, “as it used to”.
    Anecdotal evidence from grandma or grandpa, isn’t scientific proof.

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