“Medical Misinformation” From The Press And Government

Over and over again last year the press bragged about how Israel had defeated COVID-19 with vaccines.

Now they say 40% of the population will become infected.

Bennett: 2-4 million Israelis will test positive for COVID in current wave | The Times of Israel

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4 Responses to “Medical Misinformation” From The Press And Government

  1. Trevor Boyce says:

    I dont understand. With a 90% vaccination rate, and 9.3 million people that means less than 1 million are unvaxxed. We were told that its mostly unjabbed getting Covid. So is each unvaxxed person going to get the virus 2 to 5 times? Good thing they are all so vaxxed as a group. Without the vaccine, over 90 million of them would get sick!

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The Pfizer CEO just said 2 jabs are useless. You need 3 and a booster just to get limited protection. So that’s 4 total. And when the omnicron vax comes out next month, rinses and repeat. These clowns will fall for it. These mRNA vaccines are the new OxyContin. When the efficacy wears off, your body will need more to keep you from getting seriously ill.
    And the Pfizer CEO is already rubbing their nose in it. They are hooked if they want to live

  3. arn says:

    Who would have thought that the biggest success of the vaxnazis would happen in Israel.

    But the worst thing is that people won’t learn a thing though the vaccine was exposed as useless.

  4. kzvx says:

    By the way, it’s not a vaccine…

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