More Racist CO2 Molecules

Climate change means more flooding across the South : NPR

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5 Responses to More Racist CO2 Molecules

  1. Karl Marx's Dead Corpse says:

    hahaha – wtf. Buy your carbon credits or black people drown, bigot.

    The transparency of this garbage propaganda would be laughable if it was not so effective with the rubes.

  2. Pilot Dave says:

    That headline should actually say:

    Democratic climate policies Will
    disproportionately affect black
    communities, study finds

  3. Scissor says:

    Just like abortion.

  4. Francis Barnett says:

    I had never heard of NPR before – not living in the US, but it seems it’s a 100% propaganda organ of the US government.
    From a link on their “CO2 is racist” page:-
    “Gas stoves leak climate-warming methane even when they’re off”
    “Simply owning a natural gas stove and having natural gas pipes and fittings in your home leads to more emissions over 24 hours than the amount emitted while the burners are on,” says Stanford professor of earth sciences Rob Jackson, one of the study’s authors.
    And goes on the say:-
    “In fact, it turned out that’s when about 80% of methane emissions from stoves happen, from loose couplings and fittings between the stove and gas pipes.”
    If you’ve got leaking gas fittings you need a a gas engineer, not a professor of earth sciences, if indeed you survive long enough without dying in a gas explosion.
    What a total load of garbage these people come out with!!!

  5. Lynne Balzer says:

    While it’s true that, with cities being built along rivers, there is a good chance that floods will affect people living in their centers. And these could be lower income people, whites as well as blacks. But first these alarmists must prove with empirical data that there are more and worse floods now than 100 years ago. Even if there was more flooding now (there isn’t) that still wouldn’t prove that it was caused by carbon dioxide. They have absolutely no evidence for that. And note how they NEVER entertain the possibility that at least some of the changes in climate may have NATURAL CAUSES. Well, duh! What do they think caused the ice ages?

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