New Mexico Continues To Lead

New Mexico has been a leader in mask, lockdown and vaccine tyranny, and they continue to be a leader in infections, deaths as well as influenza infections – where they take the top spot.

Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report | CDC

NM ranks fourth in US for COVID deaths per capita – Albuquerque Journal

How New Mexico Controlled the Spread of COVID-19 – Scientific American

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11 Responses to New Mexico Continues To Lead

  1. Richard says:

    Vaccines are not cloaking devices to STOP Covid from attacking you- it reduces the serenity level not stops people from dying – Israel the most vaccinated country has
    Currently Infected Patients
    441,497 (99.8%)
    in Mild Condition

    732 (0.2%)
    Serious or Critical
    IE: 0.016% of country in critical

    what have we learned – LOCK DOWNS and Gov control does not help

  2. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Kentucky’s rating of Moderate is because of the FLU!

  3. Dale Baranowski says:

    Oh, but that’s what they tell us now! Six months back they said that vaccinations would halt the spread of COVID and kill the pandemic so everyone should get vaccinated. So a vast majority did. Sadly, those 2 or 3 vaccinations haven’t helped.

    And the mild condition at present is not due to vaccinations but because the omicron variant, which is very contagious but extremely mild. I live in Israel and the facts are that over 90% of those hospitalized for COVID here are fully vaccinated. We are experiencing our 5th peak of the omicron variant which is extremely mild and has completely wiped out the much more severe delta variant. Yet the 2 vaccinations and the 3rd booster shot has not prevented the spread of omicron, in fact the omicron variant is immune to our 2 vaccinations plus the booster. I got both vaccinations AND have recently recovered from an extremely mild case of COVID. The vaccinations didn’t help me in the least. No sense getting a booster that will not protect at all from omicron. And no sense getting a 4th vaccination that may be designed to stop omicron since everyone here is getting exposed to omicron and there won’t be time to produce a new vaccine, much less distribute it. We are presently hitting the peak and within a week our experts say that we will be coming down from the omicron peak and the new cases will shortly plummet. Fortunately the herd immunity resulting from getting very mild omicron variant will immunize us in ways that the vaccines could never do so.

    • GreyGeek says:

      To be clear, cases of Omicron are mild but not because of any previous vaccines or boosters given. Those who were not vaccinated have mild cases of Omicron as well. That’s the beauty of Omicron. It is like a self-generated SARS-2 immunity vaccine. Of course, Pfizer and all the other Big Pharmas don’t like Omicron because it is cutting them off from Billions made selling their worthless vaccine to governments at exorbitant prices.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Wait till the full affects of that mRNA shot hits your system – failing immunity, heart problems, etc.
      PS I am PUREBLOOD!

  4. GWS says:

    40 years ago I used to Subscribe to Scientific American. Their hubris hasn’t changed but their judgment has abandoned the solar system.

    • GreyGeek says:

      Ditto for National Geographic.
      They’ve jumped the Marxist shark. Future articles will always be filtered through their “political officer”, appointed by the CP.

  5. GWS and GreyGeek, You echo my sentiments on Scientific American and National Geographic. I dumped my subscriptions years ago after tiring of left-wing slant on science and culture. Both of these publications used to be excellent sources of information. This is no longer the case.

  6. Jessica Pohl says:

    In the UK, the annual death rate from CV19 only – comorbidities excluded – is less than 9000, vs 20 000 from the seasonal flu. Question: what is the seasonal flu death rate for people with comorbidities?

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