NSW Vaccine Efficacy

New South Wales made injections mandatory for healthcare workers three months ago.  Cases are skyrocketing and they have a shortage of nurses and are letting infected nurses treat non-infected patients.

Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers: Frequently asked question – Vaccination

Covid-positive nurses are working in NSW hospitals due to severe staffing shortages | Health | The Guardian

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3 Responses to NSW Vaccine Efficacy

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The top infectious disease expert at Baptist Hospital in Memphis just admitted what he’s refused to admit before now. If you feel like crap, you’ve got omnicron vaccinated or not, as omnicron has outmaneuvered the vaccines. With a positive rate of 47% right now in Memphis, everyone is going to get it, likely within the next 2 weeks.
    As it turns out however, omicron is the best “vaccine” there is. And Eli got banned permanently from Twitter from saying the vaccines are useless against the variants a month ago. The good news is people are leaving Twitter in droves, as GETTR seems to be the go to social media outlet at the moment.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It’s amazing how many people that we know have gotten COVID in the last 3 weeks. We just walked our dog this morning and encountered a lady we see there often. Her whole family got it. Most of my son-in-law’s family got it. One of my daughter’s friends got it. The family of one of my wife’s friends all got it. If it’s 47% now, then we should be at herd immunity in a month. However, are we at 47%? Britain is raging and yet they are only at 18% ALL TIME total REPORTED cases. That might mean double that, which is what McCullough said a few weeks back.
    In any case, it still doesn’t seem to make sense to fire perfectly healthy well qualified nurses, and then demand sick ones do double shifts to replace them, both endangering the nurses, by running down their systems, and the patients, by exposing people who are already run down. I hope when this is over, that the Australians go ape on the authorities who did this-to the point of trying them and then hanging the, if found guilty.

    • C Y Cheng says:

      100% agree with you.

      But there is one real problem, the plandemic is part of the global predators’ master plan, the COVID virus play may end all right, but by them the predators have already gained full control over the whole world as a result. Public health, safety, or the earth are the least of their concerns, they are only concerned about absolute power over ordinary citizens.

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