Record Cold In Northern Ohio

Record-Breaking Cold In Northern OH: See How Cold Your Town Got | Cleveland, OH Patch

On the same date in 1906 it was 78 degrees at Waverly, Ohio.

21 Jan 1906, Page 9 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at

21 Jan 1906, 1 – New-York Tribune at

January 22, 1906 was also record warmth.

22 Jan 1906, 1 – New-York Tribune at

Western Australia set their all-time temperature record on that date.



23 Jan 1906 – BUSH FIRES. – Trove

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5 Responses to Record Cold In Northern Ohio

  1. Gamecock says:

    Don’t know about records, but this is the coldest January I have seen here in South Carolina in over a decade. Maybe two.

    Not measured by thermometers, but by canceled tee times. And motorcycle riding days (>55 degrees), of which there have been double-ought zero.

  2. Bob Pruger says:

    I live in Bowling Green OH and it’s been quite cold since Thursday with our 4 wind turbins never all working at the same time. But we do have natural gas for heat. Fossil full saves us again.

  3. Ulric Lyons says:

    The warm signal begins from mid December 1905, when the bisector of Earth and Venus was towards Saturn, by March their bisector is towards Jupiter, which is the colder signal in that Jovian configuration. Earlier in 1905 those respective signals led to a very warm July and a very cold October. In Central England January 1906 was very mild and was warmer than March 1906. Warmth like like happens for a reason, there is nothing random about such widespread heatwaves.

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