Foo Fighters At The Vax Live Concert

Photo of the “Foo Fighters” band promoting vaccines at the Vax Live concert last year.

Vax live concert photos: JLo, Foo Fighters hit SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Times

Their drummer died yesterday after suffering chest pains.

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14 Responses to Foo Fighters At The Vax Live Concert

  1. Verdane says:

    I am just astonished by what happened to the Left.

    • John Francis says:

      The demonic unchained.
      The asinine commercials from the Wolf State of PA still lead into some of my YouTube videos?
      Did you know PA has a surgeon general?
      Do all States have them?
      More drones and empire building by the marxocrat party.

    • GWS says:

      Since Carter, every dimocrat president has taken us deeper into oblivion of hate and destruction

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    They will claim he’s on drugs and then seal the autopsy at the family’s request because he has 3 children.
    There’s no way they will let a death by vaccination story get out, and the thought of his teenage kids being vaccinated as well…..😵‍💫

  3. arn says:

    A few years ago 2 singers of 2 pretty famous bands(unlike the foo fighters real bands and not some Nirvana survival spin off) started investing money in fighting childpornographie.
    Within a few months both of them committed ‘ suicide’.

    • Torgo says:

      I must have missed that. Who were they?

      • Ed says:

        I believe referring to Chris Cornell, Soundgarden & Chester Bennington, Lincon Park. Seriously deep rabbit hole if you want to start researching the circumstances of their death.

        • arn says:

          Good guess Sir.

        • arn says:

          Btw – if you want to dig deeper you need to do research about Belgium serial child killer Dutroux in Belgium and the Kincora child abuse.
          Then you may get an Idea why child rapist and friend of the Royals Jimmy Saville was above the law until he died in 2011 though Johnny Rotten already exposed him in 1976 in a BBC interview.
          I guess the fact that the BBC refused to air this interview about Savilles shady practices was the reason why Rotten hasn’t committed suicide.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    “…died yesterday after suffering chest pains.”

    My 56 y/o neighbor has suffered with them since she had her job-required jabs. She works in the public child indoctrination system.

  5. Robert Austin says:

    A retired former fellow employee, early seventies and seemingly health died of a mysterious rapid onset neurological condition (Gillain Barre?).
    A friend’s daughter, mid thirties, shortly after child birth, dies of a “heart attack”.
    But I do not know anyone who died of Covid.

  6. oldedude says:

    Well, let’s be, if not “careful”, at least “circumspect”. 50 year olds (and even younger) do die from cardiac conditions and did so before there was such a thing as a “protein based, sub-unit/mRNA vaccine” or even a “COVID virus”. We assume (probably correctly, given the featured concert) that Mr. Hawkins was vaccinated, but we don’t know when or with what/which vaccine, and whether or when he’d received any “boosters” or if he manifested any heart issues at least temporally related to any of his jabs, and we don’t even know precisely what heart problems did him in. We don’t know if he had congenital problems just waiting to kill him or if his death had anything to do with COVID or the vaccines therefore. The point being that maybe we shoudn’t undermine our own credibility by jumping to conclusions the way our ideological/philosophical opponents do. NOW, ask me how I’d bet, well, I spend a fair amount of time and effort proselytizing AGAINST these vaccines and most of the other popular, anti-COVID nostrums and practices adopted to fight this “killer scourge” (aka “the flu”) and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if this were a vaccine related death, but, for the moment, I think we need to maintain our credibility by not emulating the behavior of our “progressive” opponents and jumping to conclusions based on our prejudices and expectations.

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