Green New Deal Comes To Europe

Europe and the US made dollars worthless for Russia, so Russia told Europe they need to pay for their gas in Rubles. Europe says they refuse and Russia says they won’t deliver gas for free. Good thing Europe built all those windmills.

EU rejects Moscow’s ruble-for-gas demand — RT Business News

The UK is having a better day today, with almost 8% of their energy coming from wind and solar.

National Grid: Live Status

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8 Responses to Green New Deal Comes To Europe

  1. william says:

    this will put pressure on Europe either way, can the Euro and EU survive.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    They demand that Russia accept dollars and Euros in payment for the oil and gas they deliver, then they demand that nobody should send dollars and Euros to Russia.

    They want to cut off finance to Russia but the Russians can just close the valve and let the Europeans stew (or freeze) in the dark.

  3. Francis Barnett says:

    I’m living in Europe – Brittany France, the part that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean at the top left of the map of France.
    We don’t have an energy crisis here, apart from the price of car fuel (gas- diesel etc).
    France doesn’t use much gas for power generation – only to fill in when the nukes are down or being refuelled. The nukes are doing 65% of demand right now.
    We’ve got some windmills as well to keep the green morons quiet but they don’t contribute much in the way of power.
    We normally cook with cylinder gas – propane – and have 18 months supply in stock 3 cylinders.
    We heat with kerosene and have about 200 gallons in.
    We can heat and cook with wood if we need to – we have three and a half cords of cut split kiln dried wood in and another 6 tons of loose seasoned cut wood in the barn.
    We also have a generator and the switching to run the house, freezers and workshop if necessary. Got about 25 gallons of generator fuel in the barn, enough for about 3 weeks of lighting and charging phones etc.
    Freezers are full up to the top, the store cupboards are full of canned and dried food.
    Both cars are full of diesel in case there is a shortage.
    So I guess you could call me a prepper?
    But this is how we normally run the household as we are out in the boonies as you colonials would say!
    Always have a backup is my motto!

  4. Torgo says:

    Could Russia accept dollars and euros and then trade these govno currencies with nations like India and China for other currencies and goods? Is there some problem with this hypothesis?

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I guess they thought Russia would go along with their scheme of writing hot checks. Is it possible that world leaders have lower than average IQs? You wonder how much EU citizens will take, although the EU seems to have trained them to eat ship and not complain about it. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for there to be a massive uprising against EU Marxism, like there was against Soviet Marxism in Eastern Europe decades ago. It would be nice to see the Europeans unchained like Samson was.

  6. GWS says:

    Putin was playing the EU like a fiddle.

  7. D. Boss says:

    Jeepers, does no one understand history? Japan was “isolated” by the US and others prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor – and this in part motivated them to declare war.

    Can no one see the parallel with trying to completely isolate Russia – except this time they have the capacity to go nuclear?

    Any cornered animal will lash out unpredictably…’s a basic survival instinct.

    Even at the heights of the Cold War with the Soviets, we all did business with them. We did not try to crush them economically, we outspent them as the winning strategy.

    We could have and still can defeat Russian aggression by out drilling them as the US has more untapped petroleum and natural gas than the Mideast or Russia – but no, the greens asses want to ban fossil fuels….

    Ironically it will be the green ideology that ushers in Armaggeddon….

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