Jail Time In Germany For Using The Letter Z

In Germany you can be jailed for wearing the letter Z.

During the 1930s Germany imprisoned people who wore stars.

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12 Responses to Jail Time In Germany For Using The Letter Z

  1. rah says:

    They want it outlawed because if someone got around to mandating that those showing support for Russia wear a “Z” the vast majority of living German politicians would all be wearing it.

  2. arn says:

    Banning the letter Z would have a devastating impact on the left as the word Nazi is 50% of their vocabulary and 100% of their arguments.

    Though I’m a bit surprised that they don’t have a problem with the Wolfsangel Nazy Symbol used by the Ukrainian Asov Nazis.That’s some typical Lysenko Woke politics.
    It seems every nonwoke is a nazi until they are real Nazis – then everything is fine -as long as they are vaccinated and want to save the climate.

    Now the biggest problem may be(besides the fact that ZZ Top and Zappa can no longer sell songs in Germany): How will they call Ukrainians Bidenpuppet from now on?

    Will Zurich Insurance Group be banned because of their evil Russian Symbol?
    Do I have to go barefoot as all my New Balance sneakers show a Z whenever i lift my foot while walking?
    Will Costa Gavraz movie Z be confiscated?

  3. william says:

    Angie Skys 8
    Who is the West sanctioning? Are they actually sanctioning themselves? Leaders in Germany have stated Russian sanctions are going to have a devastating effect on their economy. They anticipate a possible recession for at least 10 years. Good job Eu, keep up the great work

    Russia defeating the world.

    • arn says:

      This is how they install the green new deal through the backdoor.
      (otherwise they would have sanctioned the USA if they’d care the tiniest bit about people,sovereign countries etc)

  4. Barry Sheridan says:

    Our German friends really struggle with their own contradictions as this latest foray into crazy demonstrates. They might take a more realistic approach and recognise their own contributions to this war when they failed to pressure Ukraine into abiding by the Minsk agreement.

  5. Petit_Barde says:

    They have gone bonkers. Cra’y times.

  6. Stuart Hamish says:

    Best not display the entire alphabet in Germany …….Are you aware Tony that the government of Angela Merkel’ – who was herself a former GDR youth corp propaganda secretary – appointed the erstwhile Stasi agent Annette Kahane to ‘ regulate’ social media in Germany ……Perhaps that may explain why a German journalist was hauled into court on a dodgy charge of ‘incitement” and sentenced to a six month suspended prison term in shady circumstances for sharing a photograph [ yes a historical artifact ] on Facebook of a Nazi officer meeting with the hero of the Palestinian nationalist movement – the Grand Mufti of Palestine Haj Amin al Husseini ….A man we now know was a close friend of Eichmann and visited a concentration camp on a study tour in the company of Fritz Grobba and Chandra Bose .Of course it is just a coincidence the Honecker regime’s military intelligence and state security agencies trained and sponsored Palestinian terrorists …However in Bavaria several Muslim youths who vandalized a synagogue were feather slapped with lighter penalties by a judge who felt their actions were not so much anti Semitic hatred but rather a form of ‘protest’ …. So why move to ban the symbol Z and not the Hammer & Sickle?

  7. Gamecock says:

    Germany has lost the rule of law, as has most of the West.

    Germany is not at war with Russia. Yet they take cultural actions as if they were.

  8. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Just wait until leftist in the US want to jail those who criticize “trans”

    • Rockwood says:

      Actually Blackface Trudeau has already passed a new law in Canada for exactly that reason and now that you have got me going, full blown CRT is here and enhanced censorship laws are just around the corner. The Green New Deal is alive and growing in Canada, the Just(in) Transition is the flagship initiative and tomorrow we will experience yet another carbon tax increase. Freedom? Ha, the Feds are sticking to their COVID mandates, the Ottawa coppers are still arresting politicians and others who participated in the freedom rallies – pastors are in jail for preaching the word of god, only heaven can help us now…… sadly I see no peaceful way out of this war on humanity, truth and democracy, we’re surrounded and they want us to surrender

      • Timo, not that one says:

        Personally I’m starting to feel like I am living in the bad guy’s country, and the leadership is attacking the good guys in other countries, who want to save us.
        Most people here are totally in the thrall of the CBC and CP25 propaganda machines. The difference is that under the old communism, everybody knew that the propaganda was all lies.

  9. The Other Brad says:

    I guess New Balance lost an entire county’s market share.

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