Microsoft To Reverse The Climate

Bill Gates has been making tremendous profits from human misery, and now wants to profit by depriving the world of healthy, organic natural food products.

Microsoft To Reverse The Climate

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6 Responses to Microsoft To Reverse The Climate

  1. ruralbob says:

    You think Gates would be happy from profiting off the human misery caused by Windows and would just quit there.

  2. Leonard Harris says:

    I met Bill Gates at a COMDEX show in Las Vegas in the fall of 1980. At the time Microsoft had only two products, Microsoft Basic and an embryonic spreadsheet utility. He offered me a contract to represent Microsoft in the United Kingdom. I took the 80 odd page contract document back to my hotel and read it overnight. It was totally one sided in favour of Microsoft; onerous obligations on me and my company and none on Microsoft or Bill Gates. Moreover he wanted me to pay him US$30,000 up front just on signing. I took the draft contract back to his stand the next day. “Great” he said, “You have come to sign up”. “No” I replied as I put the contract on his table. “That is feudal slavery, not a business deal”. And just turned my back on him and walked away. Back in England I told my friends about this, saying that in my opinion Bill Gates was a Triple Grade A S*****!! Nothing since has caused me to change this highly accurate assessment.

    • arn says:

      80 pages contract?

      I wonder if this is standard in the USA for young enterprises to have such contracts,or did other people wrote this to make sure Microsoft becomes a monopol.

      Anyway,your feudal slavery comment was spot on and 4 decades before time
      + i’m pretty sure that the IMF and other institutions(especially bills meat and vaccines businesses) operate that way
      where 0 accountability and robbery is the base while others have to carry all risks.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Back when they taught about the plant photosynthesis, they also taught about the difference between male and female in the same biology class. Apparently, our Supreme Court nominee did not attend any science classes.
    The other thing is the UN shysters jumping from foot to foot for more funding to stop “whole” nations from being wiped from the face of the earth. Now they’re doing everything they can to wipe all nations from the face of the earth.

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