Google Censorship Update

I turned off Google Ads many months ago, and I am still getting their censorship demands.

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5 Responses to Google Censorship Update

  1. arn says:

    It will only get worse from now on as
    Joe Biden(s Bosses)just started the ministry of tru….
    “disinformation governance board”,the bigger brother of big tech.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      If…IF the Republican Party does not shut this down…I truly believe it is time for a ‘rearrangement’ of our current government.
      I don’t trust McCarthy or about 99.9% of anybody in either Party. Only Boebert, Greene, MAYBE Jordan and Massie have the ‘balls’ to fight back against Big Brother.
      AND there are numerous ‘Reporters’ who agree with this ‘disinformation’ push!
      Almost time America…almost time.
      I am getting to old to let this go much longer and I know many feel like I do.
      Be safe and plant, raise, grow and be Fruitful Friends.

      • arn says:

        I do not think that they will shut anything down(except some pseudo resistance Bernie Sanders style = pretend to resist as long as your resistance has no chance to change a thing).

        But the most interesting thing is ,once again,how fast the deep state can present and push desired outcome as soon as it serves the agenda of the deep state.
        Usually it take years of talks,negotiating etc to get thing done,
        but as soon as it is about more power,control,protecting narratives and wars
        everything will be done within a few days.
        (I’m pretty sure Ukraine will get its 33 billion very soon – including some very unfavourable payback terms that will turn Ukraine into eternal debt slaves)

    • Russell Cook says:

      If Big Tech doesn’t get ya (“marked safe from Twitter Thought Police today!”), then Big Gov will …..

  2. GreyGeek says:

    You can block websites that try to control what you do with your website or browser.
    For those who are constantly plagued by popups that even AdBlock Plus doesn’t stop you can go to GitHub and download one of Steven Black’s “hosts” file. Replace your existing hosts file with it.
    Normally your hosts file is almost empty. If you replace it with one or a combination of several hosts files from
    the domains listed in that hosts file will have their gets and puts sent to the infinite bit-bucket in the sky.
    Or you can download the hosts file from here:
    If the hosts file is blocking a site you want to let through then find the domain name in the hosts file and put an “#” in front of the line.

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