Klimate House Of Kards

The Daily Kos started out twenty years ago to fight against suppression of free speech, and have done a complete reversal. They now attack all dissent as being unpatriotic or “conspiracy theory.”

Klimate House Of Kards

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  1. Vegieman says:

    Stay the course, Tony. I love it when assaults on truth blow up in their face as it did for Taylor Lorenz. They are bent on self destruction and ultimately they will succeed. Until then, they might actually serve as agents of truth for some of their slaves who recover from the woke mind virus and turn to the sources they were once told to fear.

  2. arn says:

    Here an quote from the WEF meeting 30th of march
    Offtopic but it may help to understand what suicidal sanctions,GND,AGE,vaccine passports are all about

    ” We are on the brink of a dramatic change,where we are about to abandon the traditional system of money – and introduce a new one(blockchain)
    It means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy .”

    Pippa Malmgren
    former advisor of GW Bush.

    Her daddy had been advi…aide of JFK,LBJ,Nixon,Ford

  3. Markus Lanz says:

    Since years now I am checking your blog from Germany. If you think the US politics is crazy, come here once. The Germans think that the world will follow us while we are destroying ourselfs economically, enviromentally and socially.
    But in the last weeks I am puzzled that you are using RT as a source. RT is pure propaganda by the Putin regime. Of course, as in any propaganda publication, there might be some parts of truth in it. But which part is it? Since years now I am not using german mainstream media any more, because of the same reason. Mostly they publish pure insanity, lies and false facts and, of course, they cancel any critic. Some of it though, might be generated with the old journalistic standards but I am not willing to check that over and over again for every single article. The same with RT. When I see something is coming from them, I click it away. I would not use any of their stuff as a reliable source of information.

    • tonyheller says:

      Unlike the US press, Russia Today has a lot of useful content.

      • Stuart Hamish says:

        ” Russia Today has a lot of useful content ” ……

        Useful to whom apart from Vladimir Putin his Kremlin cronies and Russian gas companies ? Russia Today is no more trustworthy than The Independent , the BBC the ABC , CNN and a range of other legacy media outlets . RT has run a series of anti fracking hit pieces and now we know why . Michael Shellenberger made the point that ” 15 years ago Europe exported more natural gas than Russia does today . Now Russia exports 3 x more gas than Europe produces . Why ? Because climate activists partly funded by Russia blocked fracking ” . Now that Russia has a controlling throttle on gas supplies to Europe and gas prices spiked after Joe Biden became president , Putin’s armies invaded Ukraine

        According to the Center for European Studies ” the Russian government has invested $95 million in NGO’s campaigning against shale gas . Russia Today television ran endless anti fracking stories , including one that ‘frackers’ are the moral equivalent of pedophiles . The US Director of National Intelligence stated that ” RT runs anti -fracking programming ….reflective of the Russian Government concern about the impact of fracking and US national gas production on the global energy market and the potential challenges to Gazprom’s profitability . Pro Russian politicians such as [ the UK’s ] Lord Truscott [ married to a Russian army colonels daughter ] made speeches in parliament against fracking ” https://thecritic.co.uk/issues/december-2019/the-plot-against-fracking/

        This is a modification of the Kremlin’s covert strategy of funding and influencing useful idiot Western nuclear disarmament groups in the 1980’s .

  4. Russell Cook says:

    For the briefest of time 7 years back, I was a DailyKos blogger ………… well, full disclosure, it was more of an experiment to see just how long I would last as a Kos blogger who dared to question the orthodoxy of Kos’ views on AGW. So in the immediate aftermath of my total banishment from Kos, I published what I’d written there as a guest post at WUWT (My verbatim Kos post should have been an indented block quote section; it ends with the sentence “…. look at it as one more among other reasons for an exercise in introspection that could very well open up a bright future for you that you’ve had your eyes closed to all this time” there.

    Nobody can say I didn’t give it a good college try to infuse some positive thinking at the ol’ Kos: “Climate Change Free Speech Prohibited at DailyKos”

  5. GWS says:

    Whan the right starts cannibalizing its own the left has done its job.

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