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In 1989, experts said the Maldives would drown by the year 2018, unless global governance was implemented.

“MALE, Maldives: A gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands with-in the next 30 years, ac-cording to authorities. The Environmental Affairs Director, Mr Hussein Shihab, said an estimated rise of 20 to 30 centimetres in the next 20 to 40 years could be “catastrophic” for most of the islands, which were no more than a metre above sea level. The United Nations Environment Project was planning a study of the problem. But the end of the Maldives and its 200,000 people could come sooner if drinking water supplies dry up by 1992, as predicted.”

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

“GOVERNMENTS must yield national sovereignty to multilateral authorities able to enforce laws “across environmentally invisible frontiers” if the green-house effect, which threatens the future of whole nations, is to be overcome, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Sir Shridath Ramphal, said on Tuesday.

A Commonwealth Expert Group set up to look at climate change estimated there was a 90 per cent certainty that the planet would become warmer by at least 1-2 degrees, perhaps much more, and that sea levels would rise by between one and four metres, by the year 2030″

26 Jan 1989 – Call for anti-greenhouse action – Trove

17 Oct 2009, 2 – The Missoulian at

“New research says hundreds of islands in the Pacific are growing in land size, even as climate change-related sea level rises threaten the region. Key points: Coral reef sediment was responsible for the increase in land size Waves sweep up the sediment and deposit it on islands However some islands are becoming smaller due to coastal erosion Scientists at the University of Auckland found atolls in the Pacific nations of Marshall Islands and Kiribati, as well as the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean, have grown up to 8 per cent in size over the past six decades despite sea level rise.”

Hundreds of Pacific Islands are getting bigger despite global warming – ABC News

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3 Responses to Latest From The Drowned Maldives

  1. Jessica says:

    “Yield national sovereignty to multilateral authorities” is another great way of saying “Global socialism”. Friends of ours have just returned from a Maldives holiday and report that real estate prices are sky-high in general and skyrocketing on some islands, with no signs of rising sea levels according to island old-timers.

  2. Francis Barnett says:

    I highlighted on here that the “Maldives Drowning” was a scam some time back.
    But it fooled the UN who gave them loads of money – which they spent on building tourist hotels and 4 new airports!

  3. spren says:

    Nils Axel-Morner was a sea level expert who unfortunately passed away in 2020. He wrote an article where he posted a photo of an ancient tree growing on one of the islands in the Maldives from 30 years previously. He then posted another photo of the same tree as it currently was. There was no sea level change discernible at all.

    His article and its convincing photo evidence infuriated some environmental fanatics who went to the island and ripped the ancient tree out of the sand. They were determined to save the environment:)

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